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Why do You Need USB over Ethernet Software? – Quick Tips to Start

Two things that add value to your computer are the USB port that allows you to attach your machine to peripheral devices and the Internet that enables you to connect to other computers located anywhere in the world.

USB over Ethernet software combines these two concepts to provide powerful capabilities to your computing environment. A USB over Ethernet solution offers more than just the ability to connect USB ports to Ethernet cables as do USB to Ethernet adapters.

USB over Ethernet software uses USB redirection technology to increase the value of your peripheral equipment. The application allows you to connect a computer to any network-attached USB device and obtain the same functionality of a physical connection.

Secure wireless connections can be established with USB equipment no matter where it is located. Here are some features of this USB over Ethernet software:

Gain full control over remote peripherals

After creating a connection to a device with USB Network Gate, you have the same level of control as if the equipment was directly attached to your machine. Enjoy all the functionality of a remote USB webcam, scanner, security key, or printer without being in close proximity to the device.

Access USB devices in virtual environments

This software app solves the problem of connecting a virtual machine to a local USB device. All it takes is a few clicks to access USB devices connected to the host machine from a VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, or XenDesktop session.

Use local USB devices in RDP sessions

Redirecting USB devices in remote desktop session can be difficult. USB Network Gate simplifies this task and enables you to use USB devices from the local machine within your remote desktop.

There are many instances where the ability to use USB per Ethernet technology can offer substantial advantages. Some of these are:

Businesses and offices

Attempting to physically share a USB device can negatively impact productivity. Swapping something like a USB security key between machines slows everyone down. Electronic Team’s USB over Ethernet solution eliminates the need to physically connect USB devices.

International organizations

Companies with locations spread around the world can increase the value of their peripherals through the use of USB over Ethernet software. Network-attached devices can be accessed and shared from any remote location across the globe.

Software developers

The functionality of USB Network Gate can be licensed and used in commercial software and hardware solutions. A command-line interface is part of the app which can be used for automating the sharing of USB devices over the network.

Here’s how one client describes the benefits of using USB Network Gate by Electronic Team, Inc.

“With Network Gate we have resolved all our security-key related problems with our P2V Project. I can share multiple security dongles with my virtual machine environments. All I have to do is select the dongle I want to share in the app’s interface and it is immediately recognized by the guest operating system.”

USB over Ethernet technology can benefit virtually anyone who uses peripheral devices. Check out all the details on its website and start using the application today.

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