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Business Opportunities You Can Start From Your Smartphone

The importance of a smartphone is undeniable, and it extends beyond personal use. These devices have become vital for businesses and entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business. The following guide will show you the kind of business opportunities out there and help you prepare your phone for what you may need.

How to Prepare Your Phone for Work

Starting a business from your phone is not going to be easy, but you can take steps to make things a little easier. The following are a few tools you need to consider depending on the kind of business you are thinking of starting:

1. Multiple Platforms

You will probably need to have a presence on all major social media platforms. The problem is posting valuable content on all of these. This is the reason you need a tool like Buffer that allows you to manage all you posts from one location.

2. Controlling Mail

Communication with potential clients and partners is important for any business, including a smartphone-based one. You may have a number of emails to manage. An app that allows you to process mass emails and help you organize all of your emails better is going to make things easier, like MailChimp as an example.

3. Powerful Calling

You are going to need a business line to screen your calls a little better because a dedicated line helps your customers trust your business. A good way to do this from your phone is with a VoIP number. There are a number of advantages of VoIP for business, like having a virtual assistant or hold music for clients, which is offered by apps like Ooma Office.

Of course, these are just some tools you should consider installing on your phone when you are ready to start your business. These are made to make things easier, but there are so many others out there for you, such as Traveling Mailbox, which is an app that gives your business a physical address where your mail can be scanned and delivered to you electronically.

Do your best to identify your needs and search for apps that help streamline those needs to make things easier for you during this endeavor.

Good Smartphone-Based IDEs to Consider

Starting a business use to require a lot of equipment, but the internet has made things easier. Smartphones are sophisticated enough to perform all the functions a regular office might have been able to do for you, which is great, but what can you do with that?

The following are a few ideas you can consider if you are thinking of starting a smartphone-based business:

1. Feed the System

Those who have enough knowledge about creating apps for smartphones may want to get into this business. It is very lucrative because apps continue to be pretty important for today’s regular smartphone user. Being an app developer does require specific knowledge, so be prepared to work.

2. Platform Marketer

Social media is pretty important, and there are a number of platforms out there that serve different demographics. Businesses know this and want to make sure they reach these individuals, which is where you come in if you are a good social media marketer. This is a job you can do from your phone as long as you can create great content for the clients that hire you.

3. Planning Events

Another job you can do with a simple smartphone is event planning. There are all sorts of events taking place all around you, from weddings to corporate functions. Those who have a knack for managing schedules, lists, and functions may want to consider this job. It might be a good idea to work for an event planner for a bit so you can familiarize yourself with the task before you start your own business.

4. AI Chatbot

Businesses know that communication is key when it comes to customers. Regular folks love when a business answers their questions quickly, which is where chatbots come in. These AI-based chat robots help answer questions when a genuine representative is not available. If you have enough knowledge about developing these simple AI programs, you may want to consider making them for businesses right from your phone.

5. Selling Things

Those who have an eye for things that sell well or love selling stuff in general may want to think about developing an ecommerce business. This involves finding items that are worth selling, taking a picture of them, and posting them on an ecommerce site. Sure, some people buy a site where they can sell their products, but you may have to work hard to promote that site in order to have a chance for your products to be sold, but you can do all of this on your smartphone.

6. Consulting Right

Having expertise in anything is quite valuable, especially if you are willing to monetize it. Your smartphone gives you access to all sorts of people who may be interested in the knowledge you have to offer. You can promote yourself as a counselor in an area you feel you’ve got a good grasp on. You can chat with clients through apps, or you can do this through phone calls or even video phones, so the possibilities are endless.

7. Join the Gig

One popular industry that was pretty much born from smartphones is the gig-economy, and you can participate in it. There are a number of applications that allow you to become your own boss by doing all sorts of tasks, such as giving people rides with your vehicle or simply hosting travelers in a room in your house. The possibilities of making cash through the gig economy is undeniable, so go ahead and think about it.

These are just some things you can do, but there is so much more like you can offer tech support or even life coaching directly from your phone. The key is to make sure you do your homework before you start your new smartphone-based business, and be patient.

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