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Major Uses Of Weight Distribution Hitch For RVs

Rumi once said, “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

Nice! But that doesn’t apply while you are on the road in an RV. Sitting behind the wheel in the towing vehicle, you can’t let the trailer go. And do not forget that it is the hitch that is joining the two. For sure, like balance in life, weight distribution is a must, so that your travel doesn’t get shaky.

Why is Weight Distribution Necessary?

When you are towing your RV, the front weight is transferred to the rear of your tow vehicle. The force lowers the back end and your headlights are pointing towards the sky risking the safety of everyone around you. This happens due to the uneven weight distribution by the standard hitch. Hence for a smooth, level and safe ride, even weight distribution is necessary.

Factors that Make Weight Distribution Essential

I will advise you to have a proper weight distribution system at all times. But if you want to stick to the standard hitch for a while longer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The gross weight of your RV
    • It should not be more than 50% of the vehicle.
    • Do not let the tongue weight exceed the specified weight of the vehicle’s receiver hitch.
    • Do not overload.
  2. When RV is hooked, the rear of the tow vehicle should not sink.
    • Sinking of the rear indicates excessive amount of force on the axle by the RV
  3. Vehicle headlight should not point upwards
    • This simply indicates the rise of the front end by the force on rear axle
  4. When you experience difficulty in handling of the vehicle
    • Another indication of excessive force.
  5. You should not experience sway of RV

What does Sway mean?

Trailer sway also called ‘fishtailing,’ happens due to poor trailer loading, inadequate weight distribution system or crosswinds. The trailer tends to move side to side of the towing vehicle causing it hard to handle due to a great amount of misbalance. This is a prime reason for the road fatalities.

What makes a Weight Distribution Hitch Good?

A weight distribution hitch improves safety. With proper setup, the load is evenly distributed over the trailer giving you more stability and control.

It transfers the weight throughout the frame of the trailer and of the tow vehicle evenly. This allows the RVs and the tow vehicle a smooth and stable ride. As it levels them, the steering becomes easier. It reduces risks and extends the life of your tires. For better results, always go for the best weight distribution hitch available in the market.

Benefits of a Good Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Increases traction, stopping force and control over steering.
  • Improves the illumination of headlights on the road
  • Eliminates the chances of trailer sway by the even weight distribution and reduces the effect of crosswinds.
  • Decreases the chances of other dangers inducing road accidents

Be wise, be smart and choose the best one. Remember, a smooth journey results into cherishable memories to relish. Make sure you do not get thrown off balance!

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