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Use Electric Motor for Canoe and Kayak Fishing For Better Results

Has fishing ever fascinated you? If yes, then you must explore the options of kayak and canoe fishing. Kayak fishing more popular know these days, and anglers need an ideal kayak equipped with the best quality motor and battery. Before you begin reading about these, you must focus on the basics of how to start your trip for either or both of these. To share a fact, the electric motor always works the best, especially for a kayak. With the advancement of technology and tools, kayak motors come with added features. Electric trolling motors come with two control variations like control with foot and handle. 

We have some of the best reasons to convince you why the electric motor is best for kayak and fishing. Let’s take a read on these in this short guide:

Why should use an electric motor for canoe and kayak fishing for better results:

1. GPS Feature:

This is one of the essential features of every electric motor, latest models of engines come with advanced GPS technology that helps you locate proper locations for ideal fishing. If you have something to guide you on water, you have to worry less, even in unknown water bodies.

2. Less Noise:

Most electric motors use in kayak and canoe are silent and work smoothly without any noise. These are also automatic concerning operations. These can be set on their course to run efficiently and smoothly. It helps to travel/sail without any stress.

3. Bow Mounted Motors:

Bow mounted electric motors have their benefits. These help you to stay on track on a straight line. However, some people consider this a spoiler as it doesn’t give you the flexibility to explore peaceful fishing. Bow mount motor is easy to install on fishing kayak and canoe during fishing it’s easy to operate by foot. Other types of motor is complicated to install on kayak and canoe, that’s why people prefer bow mount trolling motor.

4. Speed and Power Consumption:

Unlike other typical motors, the electric canoe trolling motor ones are rated based on their speed. The electric motors give full speed to be operational so that you don’t have to worry about the slowdown or rely on horsepower.  The latest designed motors are generally sealed in the watertight compartment so that it is prevented from overheating during its operation. 

Power consumption is another feature you should check before buying the motor for kayak. The more energy consumption means motor not good for long time fishing. The canoe trolling motor connect with a 12V deep cycle and lead-acid battery, which gives more power to trolling motor.

5. Choosing the Motor Type:

Generally, electric motors differ in size, weight, and purpose of usage. Due to oodles of choices, it may be confusing at times what to buy. Electric motors are widely used for fishing purposes. Typically, people choose the motor with bow mounts so that the boat can be pulled easily. These can also be operated manually as well as automatically.

6. Shaft Lengths:

One of the major reasons people go for electric trolling motors is that they have longer shafts to reach more extended depth and range. The locking system is designed in a manner that can cover enough length to adjust to prevent any sailing issues. 

7. Weight

Weight one of another main feature of the ideal motor for kayak. Keep in mind when you install trolling motor on your kayak, a heavy and oversized size motor gets more space in a kayak. For this reason, the lighter electric motor ideal for a kayak. 


Once you are satisfied with using an electric motor for canoe and kayak fishing, you can check some brands available online. Find out the reviews and feedback of these electric motors and choose the one you like. Also, compare the prices online before you make the final decision to purchase.

Don’t forget to check the loading capacity of your boat before you buy the electric motor, as this may also depend on the type of objective you wish to perform. There are various types of reliable vendors online to compare. Find out now!

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