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Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Preparation Guide for Azure Professionals: Pass Your Test with Exam Dumps!

Microsoft has been offering the Azure certification tests for many years. The associated certificates were designed for the technical IT professionals. Currently, the non-technical specialists such as managers and salespeople are allowed to take the latest Microsoft AZ-900 exam to verify their knowledge and skills in Azure fundamentals. Those who pass this test will obtainthe Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential. This exam is the only requirement to get this certification of the Fundamentals level.

Besides the Fundamentalscertificates, Microsoft has also introduced the Associate and the Expert levels. This is in line with its goal – to ensure that the professionals are taken through a program that aids them to work in their specific roles. Let’s cover important Microsoft AZ-900 exam details together with the best preparation options.

Exam details

Before you even think of taking the Microsoft AZ-900 exam, make sure you know its basic details. The vendor has strict policies governingitstests. That means every certification exam comes with unique specifics depending on its role or function.

TheAZ-900 test has about 40-60 questions of different formats, including mark review, multiple choice, hot area, active screen, repeated answer, case study, review screen, drag and drop, best answer, and build list. You need to answer them within 60 minutes and attain at least 700 points. Also, be ready to pay $99 to be allowed to pass this exam.

How to organize your exam preparation process?

Preparation for any exam defines the success of the test. Preparing well is very important if you plan to score good grades. Since this is a new exam, you must use a reliable preparation procedure to pass itat the first attempt. Here is a detailed preparation guideline for Microsoft AZ-900:

  • Use the Microsoft Learning portal

This platform serves as the commanding center for all the exams and credentials offered by Microsoft. You will find a list of them on the vendor’s learning website. You’ll also come across therelevant webpage for the Microsoft AZ-900 test. Ensure this is your starting step when preparing for this certification exam. The reason is that you’ll get everything you’re required to be familiar withfor the test on the platform. This includes the registration link, info on exam units, links to study resources, requirements, study groups, and the structure of the test. This is also the best place to get essential updates about the exam schedule, module changes, and changes in pricing.

  • Utilize the Microsoft documentation page

Never confuse this platform with the Microsoft Learning site since both have separate study portals. In Microsoft documentation, you will find the page designated for Azure. On this page, you will learn various concepts, such as agility, elasticity, disaster recovery, fault tolerance, and scalability. All these concepts are vital in a Cloud ecosystem. You’ll also learn how to make a comparison during yoursteps toCloud migration.You will come across numerous Azure services ranging from computing, storage, and network to security from this studying platform. This will help you understand the importance of Azure in computing, particularly how to save money and time. If you’re a beginner in Azure technology, this material should be a must-have when preparing for the exam.Apart from the Azure fundamentals, you will also learn many from these platform skills, such as creating an Azure account, networking options, storage of apps in Blob storage, resource management, and automation of tasks.

  • Take Microsoft AZ-900 training courses

When preparing to take the AZ-900 exam, Microsoft gives you access links that direct you to theinstructor-led courses. One of the courses you will find is AZ-900T01-A. Itcomes with the similar modules available in the Microsoft exam syllabus. There are no requirements for taking it.Another notable benefit of instructor-led training is that it allows you to have on-demand study room learning. You’ll schedule a classroom session as per your convenience, such as an in-person live class, attending a live class, or even asking queries to your instructor. The duration of this training is one day. One moretraining to consider is the AZ-900 online course for free. It takes you through various Cloud concepts and Cloud computing benefits among other things.

  • Join a forum

For the majority of the Azure role-based tests, you’ll get study groups in the Microsoft Learning platform. However, you can use other reliable forums where you can ask questions and issues associatedwith Azure solutions and services. There are many experienced professionals who are ready to answer all your questions. You can also help other test takerswith their questions if you are in a position to do so.

  • Read study guide

If you find a reliable study guide on Azure, it will have a huge impact on your exam preparation. Since the majority of the available books may not meet the anticipations of a candidate and industry study, do your research to ensure you get a reliable tutorial. Exam Ref AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is one of the best study guides you should try. It is meant for the experts both in technical and non-technical roles. It emphasizes on the acumen of decision making required to succeed in your exam as well as industry.

  • Practice with MicrosoftAZ-900 exam dumps

Learning with practice testsor exam dumps is one of the effective ways to evaluate your skills and knowledge in a specific field. You can get reliable braindumpsat Exam-Labs, a leading platform for exam preparation. This is one of the sites that contains numerous practice tests. Taking a practice test will help you understand the structure of the exam and identify your weaknesses. This information is valuable when preparing to take Microsoft AZ-900. It will let you have the experience of taking a test that simulates the actual exam. This will boost your confidence to take it and help you know if you’re readyfor it.


Like other role-based certification exams, Microsoft AZ-900 doesn’t need any prior experience. Any professional with the basic ability and logical expertise can pass this test even on the first try. So, you need to conduct proper exam preparation to ensure you are equipped with the relevantskills to be able to handle the test. If you want to pass this exam and get the certification, make sure you prepare using reliable study materials. Continue honing your skills with the resources in this guide, and once ready, take the test with confidence.

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