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Why Instagram is an Effective Medium to Increase Sales

Instagram is a popular social media platform where people share their everyday life experiences with images and videos. This platform had more than one billion people registered as of 2018. Of the registered accounts, there are about 800 million monthly users, and about 500 million use their accounts on a daily basis worldwide. As of the moment, popular world brands have Instagram business accounts.

Out of 100 top world brands, about 90% have their Instagram accounts. Businesses have seen the potential inherent on this platform hence their participation hoping to get a piece of the pie. Brands, in their bid to widen their reach use popular niche hashtags targeting specific audiences. Here is why this platform is an effective medium for increasing your sales.

Business Accounts

When this platform was launched, people could only run personal accounts and post personal content. A few years down the line after being acquired by Facebook, another popular and useful social media platform, it launched the use of business accounts. Instagram business accounts give users a wide array of features not present in personal accounts to advertise their products and make sales.

Some of these tools include account insights where you can follow up on the performance of your business, a call to action button that allows users to contact you directly or buy your products straight from your page and a tool to promote your posts via paid ads. Business accounts will definitely increase your sales if utilized in the right manner.

Massive User Base

Instagram has a massive user base. More than 500 million users check their accounts on a daily basis of which more than half make purchases directly via their profiles and from the Instagram ads. This market is a potential for any business no matter what you are selling. You are bound to find some customers as long as your business has this social media presence. By just having an account and posting your products, you are bound to get clients, if you go a notch higher and actively do some marketing on this platform, then your sales will increase in leaps and bounds.

Potential to Build an Organic Following

In addition to Instagram’s paid ads, it is possible to grow your audience without necessarily having to pay for ads that compel users to follow your brand. This is called organic functionality. You can achieve this by engaging with your followers using your brand as well as contests and campaigns. Unlike other social media platform where you have to pay to get such a following, followers on Instagram just come naturally as long as there is some interesting activity on your page.

Natural followers are the best since you create a natural and true relationship that will last longer than an artificial relationship. It is such a following that help promote your brand via word of mouth, that is one of the strongest selling point for any business.

Know What You Clients Like and Dislike

One of the key aspects of increasing your sales is giving your clients what they want. This task sounds easy, but it is actually very difficult to ascertain what every other client wants.

Thanks to Instagram, you can monitor the behavior of your clients base to know what makes them happy, their likes, the people they follow and their hobbies among others. Always remember that this market is comprised of people with feelings and aspirations. The more you learn about your clients, the better you will be at curating the right content and creating a viable marketing strategy.

Brand Awareness

It is basically easier to create awareness for your brand with Instagram than with any other social media platform. Instagram, being a visual platform with occasional texts, makes it easier for brands to showcase their products easier than in other platforms. Most people tend to remember what they have seen rather than what they have read. It is also more effective to use videos for brand awareness. Having a platform where you can post both images and videos is a plus since potential and existing clients are able to interact with your brand at a more personal level.

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