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Everything you need to know about RNG technology

If you are regular at gaming sites, then you must have come across the term RNG. The RNG is used to determine the random events and select random numbers. It is not peculiar to games alone, it is also used in computer simulations, statistical sampling, cryptography, and in many more areas.

Many games today make use of this RNG and as a gamer, you might be wondering what it is.

What is RNG?

An RNG is a computer program or device that generates numbers or symbols by random chance. The term RNG stand for Random Number Generation, depending on what context it is used. In video games, these symbols or numbers generated determine random events like chances of you selecting a symbol or picking a particular card. RNG works similarly to when you roll a pair of dice, you can’t tell what outcome you’ll get from the roll.

Computers are generally designed to follow a set of instructions, so it is difficult to make computers alone generate random numbers. This is why RNG exists to help the computers come up with random results and events.

There are two types of RNG, the TRNG (True Random Number Generator) and the PRNG (Pseudo-random Number Generator). Manufacturers of games make use of PRNG for better speed and easier reproduction.

Pseudo-RNG makes use of an algorithm or formula that works through mathematical operations on a seed value to come up with a random value or number. The seed value is the starting or initial value which determines the result generated by the algorithm. The seed has to be random as possible to give different results each time.

How is RNG tested?

RNG is tested through some technical specifications given by independent third-party organizations such as GLI (Gaming Labs International). Before releasing games and products that use RNG, the manufacturers have to submit them for examination.

The organizations that test these games usually make similar requirements from the manufacturers. Here are some of the details requested by GLI for the examination of RNG gaming products.

  • The game rules and parameters that include numbers that can be selected in a game or draw, the range, and whether those numbers are drawn without or with replacement.
  • The application through which the random data is generated.
  • A detailed explanation of differences between how data is drawn for the real application and test application.
  • The outcome collection tool.
  • The raw output collection tool

What type of Games use RNG?

RNG applies to all casino games online, such as slots, lotteries, craps, and virtual table games. It is used to determine how the symbols combine on slots, how cards are drawn in card games, the numbers displayed by the dice, and so on. For instance, if you play a 5-reel slot that has 12 symbols, the RNG process creates a value of 1 to 12 for 5 reels.

Regular video games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, Minecraft, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike also use RNG. For example, the randomness in the items you pick in Mario Kart is done by RNG. In a competitive game like Counter-Strike, RNG determines how the bullets hit targets.

Is RNG Secure?

Yes, RNG is secure and fair. As stated earlier, the gaming providers that make use of this system have their software examined by an independent third party such as GLI.

These third-party organizations make sure that all gaming machines meet the payout requirement as recommended by the respected gaming authorities. Hence, all games that make use of RNG are totally random. They are not influenced by the amount of bets, credits, players, or casinos.

Also, gaming providers and casinos offering RNG games online rarely make changes to the system. The process of alteration is usually rigid and extensive. So, be rest assured that you are secure when playing RNG games.

RNG can undermine Skill

RNG keeps the games always fresh and unpredictable. It helps to put suspense and risks in games. Take the game Tetris, for example. The blocks is Tetris is choosen randomly. If you were to know the next block that could come, it would be so predictable and the fun and suspense would be lost. But in a game like Tetris, you still have to carefully arrange the blocks as they come. If you’re able to arrange the blocks as they come, it helps you win.

However, in a lot of RNG games, especially slots and many casino games, you have to depend on luck totally. Your skills have no place in helping you win the game. A regular casino player may find himself on a losing streak while a newbie could be lucky to make a lot of wins. Hence, in some games, RNG totally relegates skill to the backseat.

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