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How to Make Your SEO Campaign Effective By Mastering The Art of SEO Content Writing?

Since content is considered to be the king, it is safe to say that no SEO campaign can be successful without proper content marketing. Content and search engine optimization go hand in hand. That is why the understanding and application of SEO are vital for you to get a grip on writing high-quality articles and blogs. Your website will not get ranked in Yahoo or Google’s main page by some magic trick. The ranking lies heavily on the appropriate use of SEO when you are into writing articles or web content. This article intends to reveal a few essential secrets of SEO copywriting that can get you to places and make your journey as a professional SEO article writer way smoother than you have ever thought.

Consider the Audience first!

Surely, you are not writing for yourself or trying to write for the Google algorithms. So, who is your target audience? As a professional SEO article writer, you must have this question linger around inside your head all throughout the writing process. To become a successful SEO copywriter, you need to write on things that can reach out to the potential readers. Releasing content that is of no value to the readers is just not going to help. Your writing must not give them the impression that you are trying to sell them something. Instead, the audience must be under the impression that the article is addressing their issues and attempting to help them solve it. People themselves are their favorite. Keep that in mind and see your audience grow fast.

Get on with keyword research!

Keywords are a significant factor in SEO writing. After all, it is the keywords that get captured that helps a website move towards the top of any search result. If you want value out of what you are writing as an SEO article writer, you must be entirely sure that your efforts are not getting wasted but being noticed by Google. For this, it is essential that you do some research and find out the common phrases or words that the people or target readers are searching for. Next thing that you can do is prepare a spreadsheet containing the keywords so that you can be aware of the number of times you are placing the keywords in the web content. Plus, also know where you have ranked for the targeted keywords with the use of right tracking devices

Watch out on the analytics!

Write the content, post and forget about it. Wait! SEO writing is the exact opposite of that. If you are up to climbing the career ladder in professional SEO writing, you must get this one thing clear. “Fire & Forget” is not the correct strategy in SEO writing. Instead, you must continuously keep a tap on the content even after posting it. Google Analytics help in this efficient monitoring. Yes, the ‘pages per session’ and ‘time on site’ are crucial, but the most significant aspect you should monitor is the bounce rate of the content or website. Now, what is this bounce rate? It is a denotation of how long the visitor is staying on a site reading its content. Keeping a watch on the analytics is thus vital so that you can measure bounce rate of your website and accordingly take rectifying steps once you see that the rate is potentially high. High bounce rate is a direct indication that the web page is not optimized with appropriate keywords.

Use Keywords strategically!

Long gone are the days when an SEO writer would just randomly drop keywords in the content for it to bring results. Today, if you want to be an active player in the industry, you ought to understand the relevance of the strategic use of keywords and the implementation of the same. Including target keywords all throughout the content is wise, but at the same time, you need to realize that excessive keyword stuffing or forced keywords is like letting go of your command in the game.

Search engines value more of longer quality content!

Studies show that search engines tend to give more value to lengthier work that deals with in-depth content. As a Professional SEO writer, you must fathom the benefits of creating value to the readers and thus become popular. Popularity relies a great deal on the length and quality of articles or blogs. A mere 100 or 200 word of new content will not fetch you the value that is needed in this field. So, you must at least target to write around 600 words or more to achieve the best results.

The call of the hour is not just writing articles but creating optimized and quality web content through SEO writing. SEO optimized articles, blogs or any web content, for that matter, forms the basis via which you can help your site pull traffic. Just throwing words on to a page can never get you an audience. For more information on SEO optimization, visit

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