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8 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car in Pune

With a high demand for used cars in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and other Indian cities, the second hand car industry is constantly expanding. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is the most sensible choice for the ordinary person on all counts. Certified dealers provide you exceptional and profitable bargains on any car of your choosing, and you can get your favourites at incredibly low costs. However, even with all the benefits, buying used cars in Pune is still a significant investment that should only be made after careful consideration of a number of factors.

Listed below are 8 simple things to check before buying a used car in Pune to make a good decision:

  1. Seating Space: The interior of any car must be cosy and comfortable (especially if you have kids) so climb inside and see if it meets your standards. Keep an eye out for any stains, leather cracks, or pierced places on the seats. There are always more cars to look at, so you should move on to the next option if there is any aspect you don’t like.
  2. Exteriors: Make sure there is no significant damage to the car’s exterior by giving it a close inspection. Minor dings and scratches can be easily repaired, but major rust damage or paint deterioration will simply drive up your maintenance costs in the future.
  3. Engine Condition: Don’t forget to raise the car’s hood and peek inside. Check for any issues like engine leaks, rust, fractured belts or hoses, etc. that could lead to more expensive future repairs.
  4. Vehicle History: You can gain a better understanding of how the previous owner used the car by looking up the vehicle history records. It will also disclose any accidents that it has been in, which is a valuable piece of information. If so, it would be preferable to avoid the car.
  5. Odometer Reading: Keep in mind that a secondhand car is better off with fewer miles. Ask your dealers about the mileage, and it’s best to check off any vehicles with more than 1,00,000 km from your list if they have them. High mileage used cars are more likely to have mechanical issues.
  6. Vehicle Functions: If you’re thinking about buying a car, get inside and play around with the buttons. Modern cars are equipped with a wide variety of different functions so it’s important to make sure you can get full use of them with a pre-owned vehicle. Before investing, make sure the whole system is in working order.
  7. Paperwork: Be sure original documentation, such as the insurance papers, registration certificate, etc., are present when purchasing a secondhand car. To ensure a seamless process, have things transferred to your name as soon as possible and get all your paperwork together.
  8. Test Drive: Make sure to test drive the vehicle to check how it handles on the road. Consider how the control responds to turns, how it performs, how it stops, whether the engine produces any noise and any other things that could indicate issues with the system.

With these simple tips and authentic dealerships like Truebil that offer excellent features like 200 point inspection list, affordable prices, free test drive, 1 year warranty and more, buying a car has never been easier.

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