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How to Get Up-to-Date on Angular Fast

Washington, DC is one of the most competitive places to have a developer team. Staying on top of all that competition means keeping abreast of all the latest changes in coding and app development. What does your team need in order to stay up-to-date?

Community help

One smart thing you can do is to keep everyone on the team a part of a community, whether that is WordPress, PHP, UX designers, or a group of cloud hosting professionals. Iron sharpens iron, so they say, and your team will benefit from exposure to other professionals in related fields.

Off-the-clock development

Don’t be afraid to keep your team involved in their own pet projects. Whatever they’re working on, and however little it might seem to relate to your projects, it will keep their skills sharp and may suddenly reveal a new development angle that no one was aware of.

Keep up through media

Your team should be regularly following some of the best podcasts and blogs out there related to development. Some podcasts to keep up with include:

As for blogs, the best ones will give your team insight into how to find solutions to knotty problems and will cover new developments in the industry. Some of the best ones to follow include:

While you’re keeping up with media issues, don’t forget to also stay abreast of press releases via Mashable or Product Hunt.

Keep up with training

Perhaps the most important thing of all is to hold regular training sessions to ensure every member of the team can work nimbly with any framework. One of the simplest was of staying up-to-date is by looking for a corporate IT training company that offers Angular training in Washington, DC to come and work hands-on with your team.

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Why get Angular 7 training for your team?

Angular is a fluid, useful platform that lets you work with a minimum of code and across all platforms simultaneously. It’s currently the one of the best and fastest ways to develop apps, and Angular 7 comes with some exciting changes that make things even better.

Drag and drop

Your team can now use drag and drop within the module, making it simple and easy to transfer or reorder a list.

Virtual scrolling

The scrolling built into Angular’s component dev kit (CDK) will speed up development as soon as your team gets used to it. Elements now load and unload virtually as they become visible.

Command line prompts

The command line interface (CLI) tool that your developers use to maintain all Angular apps has gotten an upgrade. It now offers prompts to make it easier to discover new features and double check what you’re doing: best of all, the CLI is now customizable.

Faster performance

Everything in Angular 7 runs faster now. The framework has been slimmed down, and upgradation is also more speedy. There are now automated features that help you manage your code without doing everything by hand.

Better documentation and support

Your team will now have better access to support and reference materials, and there is native support for Node 10, TypeScript 3.1, and RxJS 6.3.

What kind of training should I get?

Everything in the development world depends on speed. The updates to Angular have made it faster and more responsive, and the key is getting your team up to speed on that as quickly as possible. Look for a training course that can come to you locally, adapt to your team’s needs and time frame, and help you accomplish all your goals.

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