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The Latest Exciting Web Development Trends to Follow in 2019

Last year, we had witnessed various developments in field of web development including the JavaScript Frameworks such as Vue and UX development. The mobile browsing was another big trend that came into light last year. We witness nearly every site investing on mobile web pages. Having said, transforming expectations and consistent evolution of technology makes it essential for the developers to stay ahead of the trends. It has become evident that businesses who ride the wave of emergence enjoy true innovation and serve more customers than the late comers.

Below are the leading web development trends you should follow in the upcoming days:

AI & VR Based Web Development

In the modern day, VR and AI are emerging rapidly. Artificial intelligence is said to come into even bigger picture in the upcoming days, simplifying and making day-to-day processes smoother. Just like PHP web development is trending, the cloud computing will become popular and efficient, allowing the companies and individuals to innovate through using the AI in web development. The tech giants including the Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and more are already utilizing the AI, and more companies are expect to follow soon.

The VR based web development is another popular trend that is assumed to reshape the development practices in upcoming day. VR has emerged rapidly in the gaming and video industry, and now it is said to reshape web development. The Mozilla and Google, both are focusing on building an API to assist the VR transitions.

Functional Code & Motion UI

Programs with functional coding have come into the limelight these days. These programs highlight using computation as evaluating math functions, avoiding any possible changing state. Various web developers around the word accept working with a functional code is effective and easy than the traditional Object Oriented code. This code is easy to write, test, and intellectualize.

According to Wikipedia, functional programming is a style for building aspects and structure of a software. This definition is widely accepted around the world. Through using the Motion UI in a website, you can utilize a simple design to enhance users’ experience. These days, users prefer minimum clutter on a webpage, and consider interactive elements more interesting. The Motion UI makes the user experience superior in multiple ways.

But, you should understand that using Motion UI will not simply improve the users’ experience. In addition, it must be utilized after performing an in-depth research about UX/UI.

Browser Extension & Material Design

Among the leading innovations, web development is achieving an increasing popularity. The Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and more offer a broad range of extensions that users can utilize. But, a downside is that users are resistive to install the browser extensions that might read the online activities. Thus, if you plan to develop a browser extension, make sure to pay too much attention to the privacy setting that will help you gain users’ trust.

It does not matter what you opt for to try in the 2019. It might be an exciting year filled with innovations and ideas for web development. The leading web development service seeks for the latest innovation and trends in web development. Users can choose from different web development platforms for their website such as .NET framework, reporting framework, reporting apps, Middleware database, and much more.

Responsive Web Design & Single Page Websites

Responsive web sites enable a business to highlight the content in the best manner regardless of the device you use. A decent website looks appealing and runs smoothly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It has been made achievable due to the concept of Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP. Having said, AMP affects the overall performance of a website positively, enhancing the speed and users’ experience.

The examples of a one-page website or Single Page Application include Twitter and Facebook. The design aspects of a SPA improve the user experience through getting rid of the need to load a page repeatedly. This can be achieved through using JavaScript for content loading. The Single Page Website or (SPA) exposes natural behavior without requiring additional time.

The single page website often comprises a lengthy page. To navigate through the page a user can scroll or utilize links to scroll up and down through different sections. Many businesses have started choosing the custom development of one-page website. Among the top benefits of single page website is the simplicity. This website shouldn’t include complex navigation and menus. The concept works seamless on smartphones in which scrolling stands as the easiest navigation feature.

Static Websites & Progressive Web Apps

In static websites, almost every webpage is created in the HTML. This type of website displays only static content to the visitor. Static websites are safe and secured. Static websites have less load time and they are cheap to develop. In the upcoming days, users will witness the rebirth of static websites in projects with limited budget. Since these websites have become advanced, users find them interesting and engaging.

With an increase in the number of mobile users, mobile apps are on the upsurge consuming a large portion of time of the users. It will not be wrong to use any specific format that is similar to web app in mobile apps, as the everyday users will welcome them. The progressive web apps are the ones that leverage the power of features in a browser that comprises of mobile app interface.

This technology offers various benefits such as the offline mode operation, reliability, almost no load time and capable to receive notification. Progressive web apps can be developed faster than any mobile app, and is easier to implement and maintain and work for different users, making it suitable for both the developer and user.

Push Notification & Chatbots

Websites that support push notifications can assist you in reaching the widespread audience through online marketing strategy. Push notifications can assist in informing and engaging users on an effective level than any other technology. Digital marketers have discovered push notifications to be effective in notifying customers about latest promotions, branding activities, and discount offers. However, overusing push notification has reported to backfire.

On another hand, online support systems have been occupied by the chatbot that are providing hassle-free way to deliver customer service. Chatbots are effective, available for 24/7/365 and can be programmed to address to specific customers.

Material Design & Photo Content

Material design is one of the most commonly embraced design trend. The Google Inc. developed the platform in an attempt to unite motion and visual media. Material design in reality is based on responsive, Modern CSS (Saas and Materializes). Being based on the material design language of Google, it offers useful components like Parallax. It is compatible with many browsers. In addition, it scores high in term of users’ experience design.

Undeniably, none can overlook the importance of photo content. It enables to launch or relaunch a discussion. This concept is not fresh as the quality photos are in high demand to invoke debates through a story presented in a picture. A distinct photograph is often filled with individuality, conveying information to the users hassle-freely. Y

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the leading web development trends for 2019. If you know about more web development trends, then feel free to mention.

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