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5 Resources to help you find great reviews on web hosts

Every web owner knows the importance of having a good web host. That’s because the web host you choose can make all the difference between your website ranking well on Google, and zero hits. That’s why you need the right resources to help you get the right host. To help you out with this, here are 5 resources to help to you find great reviews on web hosts.

1. Make use of Mango Matter

Online reviews are always a great resource to help you find a great web host. One such host is Mango Matter. The MangoMatter team takes their time to come up with great reviews about web hosts. For instance, check out this great HostGator review on MangoMatter. It is detailed, and gives you a clear insight on why to use or not use HostGator. They also have reviews on other web hosts too. By utilizing their reviews, you can be sure that you are halfway through to getting a good web host.

2. Utilize client reviews

One of the best reviews you can get about a web host is from their clients. That’s because clients have used the web host, and understand its pros and cons better than any third party does. To get the best client reviews, simply identify the web host you would like to utilize, then search online for their reviews. If there are too many negative reviews, it could be a sign that the web host has some unresolved issues about their services. On the other hand, too many exaggerated customer reviews could point to paid reviews. Go for customer reviews that look normal.

3. Make use of YouTube

YouTube is one of the best resources on any subject out there, and web host reviews are no exception. There are many YouTubers out there who offer detailed reviews on different web hosts. The best thing about YouTube reviews is they are visual, and you can tell from the YouTubers facial expressions whether the review they are genuine or not. Besides, you can also check the comments section and get a feel of how people who have used those hosts feel about them. If they largely agree with the YouTuber that a web host is good, chances are that it’s a good one.

4. Talk to a web developer

No one is in a better position to give you a review of web hosts than an experienced web developer. Such a developer must have hosted a number of websites using different hosts to form a credible opinion on them. Take their advice, and go for a web host that they recommend for you. To confirm the decision, you can always seek the opinion of a second developer, and see if it collaborates with that of the first.

5. Research on the web hosts for your main competitors

One of the reasons why web hosts are important is due to Google indexing. Google crawlers tend to ignore slow websites. As such, to stay competitive, check out the web hosts that your strongest competitors are using, then use them too. This gives you a level playing field in terms of chasing user traffic.

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