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The Most Important Elements on the Product Details Page [Infographic]

The product details page is the most important step in a customer’s journey because that’s where they make the decision of whether they want to purchase the product. This page should provide them with all the information they need to know and ensure their experience is pleasant. That will motivate them to take the final step and add the product to cart or purchase it directly. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t understand the importance of an optimized product details page and pay more attention to its design. That’s especially true for businesses with hundreds of product pages.

If you create a good basic structure and add great content, you will improve your conversion rates. When the prospects first click on your link, the page must load quickly on both the mobile and desktop platforms. Prospects from the mobile platform should be able to use the website easily and see all the information clearly. This will convince them to stay on remain on the page and look at the content.

The content should also be presented in the right order. As the infographic explains the 49 important product page elements, the page is divided into three sections. The area above the fold has all the essential basic information including company name, number, product name, price, description, etc. The section below the fold consists of a more detailed description along with user reviews if you have any. The bottom of the page, which is the footer, includes information about the company and any links that the customers might need. This structure is highly effective and will lead to conversions.


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