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How do you build a product that users really want?

Users expect above all the availability of products that fit in with the market. Your digital product must therefore find loyal users and grow with your customers’ needs. The correct product development cycle is incredibly important in this respect and it is worth touching on the most important issues related to it.

How does the use of the lean startup approach relate to this?

Boldare uses a lean startup approach and scrum framework to deliver digital products that generate value for businesses and users.The concept of lean management is an answer to digital product development and the constantly changing economic conditions and growing competition. Its rational methodology, clear principles and practical tools allow for the optimisation of company operations. It is a system of business management based on principles allowing to minimise losses, which is crucial when developing a new application. In short, this means that the lean philosophy in an organisation focuses on creating products of the highest possible quality while making maximum use of the resources at its disposal. Lean management adapts to the needs, goals and capabilities of the individual company.

Make sure you have an agile product-market fit and scaling team

At the stage where you test, analyse and iterate the product in cycles to achieve a perfect fit for the market you should have an agile development team. This team designs and runs product tests, analyses the results and draws conclusions that will serve as the basis for subsequent iterations. With designers and web developers on board, they also create new product features and test them with users. Then scale up, right after verifying the product hypothesis and finding a match between the prototype and the market.

Why is prototyping important in digital product development?

An idea for a digital product is both an idea for a business and a way of obtaining a solution to a given user problem. The best and most profitable digital product is one that is about finding the best solutions, not from a business perspective, but from a user perspective. Business goals should be aligned with user goals, as it is the users who determine the possibility of achieving them. How to verify this, how to check if we are going in the right direction? It is worth considering prototyping or MVP. The prototype allows us to verify the basic assumptions of the product at minimum cost and effort. The goal is to create highly usable and accessible products. Paying attention to the experience created by the user’s interaction with a digital product should form the basis of the product concept. With this knowledge, practice, the human, the user becomes central to product thinking. It is worth noting that applications that were created on the basis of a concept that takes into account the requirements of UX are much more consistent products and easier to develop in the future, and today they are very successful.

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