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Learning Piano on a MIDI Keyboard

Learning to play Piano can be costly. Basic pianos can cost around $2,500 and $6,000. And the list is never-ending. Here are some of the best Piano Keyboards. So what to do when you want to learn Piano, but the budget crosses your line. You can either check yamaha piano price or with a simple and smart solution. MIDI Keyboards or Controller Keyboard is a piano style electronic music keyboard equipped with buttons and wheels for various music notes and tunes.

What’s Special In An MIDI Keyboard?

The main thing that separates MIDI Keyboards from normal synthesizers is that it sends signals or commands over a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to other musical devices or computers connected and operating on the same MIDI protocol. MIDI Keyboard is not producing sound by itself. This lack of Sound Engine is helped by the best 88 key MIDI controller, it’s very easy to choose.

Normal 88 Key MIDI Keyboard, when equipped with a controller, is proficiently one of the best outcomes for the music. Best 88 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller is:

  1. Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3
  2. Akai MPK Mini Mk2
  3. Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MkII
  4. Arturia KeyLab
  5. Alesis Q
  6. M-Audio Axiom AIR.

Learning Piano On MIDI Keyboards

Learning piano on MIDI Keyboards is easy as compared to an actual piano playing. Still, the learning takes a lot of practice and steps and tips to get the hand playing the tunes of Beethoven. Always keep two things while playing MIDI Keyboard.

A. The Note Reaction: When we talk about note reaction, we talk about the time which a key takes in coming back to its original position. There are weighted keys and light keys. Weighted keys have their own role in taking less span of time in coming back. Weighted keys, as the name suggests, take more amount of time in coming back to the top. Only a few models not in the top of the best controllers have this quality on point. Some MIDI keyboards don’t have piano-style interfaces. Many come on MusicCritic equipped with pads that will trigger or transfer MIDI signals to the computer or some forms of interface.

In Piano, the keys are set in such a mechanism that they take minimum time in coming back after being pressed down by the musician. This helps the performer take less time in arranging the next note of tone consecutively. But weighted keys do perform well too. Weighted keys add more weight to the keys, which eventually helps the pianist to hear the more heavy and realistic tone.

B. The Harmonics: The sound is always not the same. Frequency would be different by MIDI Keyboard, but if you practice readily over it, the hands would learn how to get along the tone breaks, which helps you in a real piano playing if you wish to do so.

C. Always Practice Your Music slowly. Break the song into parts and then practice it. Listen to your recordings and take measured steps for improvement.

D. Try taking away the score from the piano and then studying it. Always maximizes the chance to imitate and then take the initiative to innovate.

An Overview

The learning period of music is one time where you feel changes within yourself. Music can make you get to your way of calmness in less amount of time if it is a passion for you. You tend to feel less pressure while learning. And there is more amount of good vibes produced inside you. You learn either singing beautiful songs or playing instrumentals like the piano.

It takes the maximum amount of time to be spent to be as good as you aim yourself. Percussion, Woodwind, String, Brass, and Keyboard, all of the type of musical instruments procure time in learning. And Piano comes under the Keyboards. The piano is one of the most subtle and iconic instruments you can ever get to play.

Piano learning will serve you well in other areas of life, as well. You can get yourself a good instructor. And there is no necessity or force to learn from them. You can learn yourself too if you want to do so. We hope that our article could have been the best supplement of an interesting outcome for you in the upcoming course of learning the Piano.

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