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How to Get A Positive First Impression For Your Website

Being judgmental isn’t by choice, instead it’s a built-in trait in us. As humans, we are habitual of spotting rights, wrongs, do’s and don’ts. The same rule applies to the internet and technology. All day long, we judge which websites are pleasant to look at and which technology might become a weapon of tech destruction.

According to Google, the first impression of a website is created in less than 0.05 seconds. Woah! this is quick and with over a billion websites on the internet, judging websites is a rapid scan where we judge them within seconds. It solely means underperforming websites are destined to perish, and it takes seconds for a user to click the x icon of the window.

The aforementioned stat depicts the landing page of a website should be exemplary and impeccable or else, detour.

The Emotional Factor

Now the catch is – even the smallest websites have several pages, hundreds of images and massive word count. Judging all of these aspects should logically take about an hour at least, but when the judgment comes out in seconds, apparently, it is an emotional take.

Following the time span of judgment, it isn’t about your excellent product or service, and even it doesn’t relate with your amazing content, the first impression is created by the striking impact and catchy visuals mixed with the feel of the website is on the role here.

Websites that strike emotionally

There are no pinpoint rules to gather a positive first impression for a website, but still, little tweaks are enough to steal the show. What are those magical bits?

Swift Load Time

Web visitors are impatient, and if a website takes longer than 2 seconds to load, over 30% of visitors abandon visiting the website. So at very first, make sure your website response rapidly, and its content loads swift and fast. Else, the first impression will go vain.

Overdoing content

Don’t fill the website with content all over it. You should place the content rightly. Overdone content will make your website look cluttered and eventually, users will feel jammed. Especially, use captivating visuals in the first fold rather than displaying content here and there. The very first sight of the website should make a user feel spacious and intrigued.

The essence

After all, you are running a business and what’s more compelling than defining your product or service at the very first glance. It could be an infographic or video but should be crafted beautifully and be aware; confidence is the key to success. Once you are content with the webpage, take it live and see how it is received by the visitors.

Less Navigation

Web visitors drop because of excessive navigation on the website. Your web page should have least navigational links. Visitors should be directed to their desired pages smoothly with ease. They aren’t interested in dwelling down your website, nor they have the time. Provide them with what they want, and the job is done. Additionally, there should be a visual path that decides a visitor’s journey on your website.

Color theme

Brain works with images. Every color has its emotional aspect, and the color theme puts a massive impact on visitors. At the very first eye contact, the website should look captivating. The website should be built with a design and color theory backing it up. Moreover, appealing visuals also help in making the content look more meaningful.

The design theory

Irrelevant visuals won’t compliment the visitors, product, and service. So, you must find visuals that are compelling and catchy at the same time. The visual types can vary such as illustrations, pictures, video thumbnails, etc.

Use of fonts, font sizes, typography, layout and other minor design details should justify that the overall web view will bag the attention. Simplicity is the key here, and the design theory always focuses on creating extraordinary designs with simple variations.

Cut the noise

Although, I rigorously emphasized upon the importance of colors, types of visual content and more but ultimately, your sheer focus is selling the product or service along with building visitor base by collecting emails. The website shouldn’t become an art gallery, and each pixel of the website design should be placed for conversion.

Even if the website’s design gets appreciation from the tech fraternity and it gets to be known in the masses, making a sale is the sole objective of every business and to achieve this, you have to come up with a design that is less populated and highly engaging. Too much design will eventually make the website look and feel noisy that is a nightmare.

Design should complement the content

After that you have conquered a visitor by making a great first impression, content comes into play. Intriguing web copy should be well blended in the design to make the website look exotic. Eventually, you will be able to witness high conversion rates.

Both of the striking elements, content, and design should be well composed with each other. Content marketing isn’t feasible without attractive visuals, and rightly placed visuals will make an everlasting great first expression.

Think as a user and you will get to know that websites with visually pleasing design are more likely to get sales for you. Keep the website uncluttered, crystal clear and simple with excellent web copy and your site will work wonders.

The verdict

First impression is the last impression, and this is what the tech community believes. Web visitors are like slingshots. You have to grasp them before they deviate and by following the aforementioned tips, you won’t only be able to strike them with emotionally, but the very first view of the website will be irresistible.

Additionally, keeping the design and content aligned will eventually rake in more conversion rate and sales that is the prime focus of every business. Keeping it simple is really hard but when it is done, chances of success surge too.

Do let me know whether the article helped you a bit. You can always put your questions in, and it would be glad to answer all of you.

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Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cubix, a mobile app development company. He loves talking about brands, tech and content marketing. Along with writing for the online fraternity on variety of topics, he is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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