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How Has Technology Advancement Boosted Online Betting?

Technology and online betting go hand in hand, and one could argue that significant technological developments have developed because of the demand for better and smoother gaming.  It has also shaped how bets are made, especially in-play betting, which has made experiences more rewarding and more engaging. With all this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into how technology has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with online gaming, whether you live in Tokyo, Michigan, or Milan.


It isn’t sexy, but security has taken leaps and bounds due to the development of online betting. From protecting account numbers to personal identity, some of the best commercially available security systems are deployed by reputable online gaming companies.

This has become significant in promoting trust between provider and player and has led to the developments of internationally recognised industry standards.

More Competition

Competition between online providers of games has been facilitated thanks to technology. It is easier than ever before to get a decent betting offering online.  Once you have your licences and the software you’re main concern is the marketing. Draft and other providers often use enticing bonus promo codes to attract players. This is facilitated by developments in technology.

More Games

When we think of technological advancement, we think of new innovative things we have never seen before. The innovation is often in improving existing technology that makes the online world faster and more efficient. This is seen in the choice of games from the best tabletop card games to online slots, to advanced sports betting play. The better providers can handle thousands of players all trying their luck at once.


Mobile devices computing power seems to get better every few months. You can now play your favorite games from the palm of your hand. This has brought gaming alive like never before. If you’re on a train or taking a break from work, you can play your favorite game. This has been a real game-changer in online betting and one that will only improve further going forward.

Virtual Online Betting

Virtual online betting is still in its infancy, but positive early results will no doubt see significant investment and development of the medium. Here, gaming tables are streamed in real-time with live croupiers taking your bets. This is the closest thing there is to walking into a real casino and putting down chips you can get from an online experience.

You can expect to see a lot more of this in 2020 as industry big hitters start to get involved.

In-play Betting

In-play sports betting with odds changing mid-game became a reality thanks to developments in the technology. No longer were odds fixed and betting on who would score the next goal or the change in scoreline during a game brought an added dimension to betting.

You kind of become part of the match when you participate and you test your sporting skill as you place bets.

In addition, technology has made it possible to bet on games all over the world.

Technology has made a massive difference in bringing online betting alive.

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