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Zilla is Your Tool for a Safe and Sound ICO Investment

ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offer and consists of the issuance of cryptocurrencies (or tokens) by companies. Their sole purpose is to raise capital, which was previously mostly done via IPOs (Initial Public Offerings).

In fact, there are a number of reasons for IPOs to be in low demand in the United States, but the most important is the fact that, today, entrepreneurs have several other options to raise capital, from which ICO seems to be one of the most popular, by far.

The logic behind the ICOs is to combat the power of the financial world: instead of offering part of your company to capitalists, the entrepreneur summons people who would benefit from their company to sow the business. A network of cooperators is then created, a kind of community in which customers and suppliers have a stake in the company.

This also raises a lot of opportunities for “small” investors, who can easily invest in businesses they believe in quite easily. However, it can be hard to manage all the investments, especially comparing and assessing the legitimacy of each ICO. Luckily there is now a tool to aid in this – meet Zilla, the best way to safely and easily participate in token sales.

In addition to helping and protecting ICO investors, Zilla is also a must-have tool for companies as well, because they can use this app to publicize their ICOs more effectively. Zilla really is a marketplace for ICO crowdsales, with more than 1,500 ICOs already there – and counting.


Considering the fact that there is no central authority to verify the ICO market (which is really not a failure, but a feature of blockchain), Zilla can really be thought of as that authority.

If you are an ICO investor or are just looking to start exploring this market, then Zilla is the best companion to rely on. For the moment, Zilla’s beta version is available for iOS. The Android version is in the works, and pre-registration for it is possible via the same link.

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