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Published on April 27th, 2018 | by Rashid Feroz


Five Reasons Why You Should Buy The iPhone 8 Instead Of The iPhone X

When Apple announced their new flagship handsets last year people quickly rushed out to buy the iPhone X, as it was seen as the best of the bunch. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were released at the same time. However, many believed the X was not only the future of iPhones but the future of smartphones too. With that in mind you could say that we forgot about the iPhone 8 in some ways, but there are some great reasons as to why iPhone devotees should buy it over the iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 is cheaper than the iPhone X

The price of a smartphone has shot up over the last few years due to them advancing rapidly in terms of what they can do. When consumers are buying anything, the price is something that should always be considered. The iPhone 8 is around £300 cheaper than the iPhone X, and while the X is considered as the better of the two handsets, we have to decide for themselves whether it is £300 better. The iPhone 8 is a superb device in its own right, bringing all the features to the table that most of us could ever need.

The iPhone 8 is powered by the same chip and processor as the iPhone X

You could probably be fooled into thinking that the iPhone X has a lot more going on under the hood than the iPhone 8, especially for the extra £300. However, both the 8 and the X are powered by Apple’s A11 Bionic chip, the same neutral engine and the M11 motion coprocessor. They are also both running the latest version of iOS too, which raises the question as to where the important differences lie. The only noticeable difference here is how the components are used.

The cameras on both handsets are pretty much identical

We all love to take photos on smartphones in this day and age, often using them to document their life on social media. This means that having a smartphone that takes excellent is a must for most and both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X deliver in this regard. When the cameras have been compared side by side by experts, the differences have hardly been noticeable, again proving the iPhone 8 can more than hold its own against its more expensive rival.

Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X support fast charging

With users spending so much time on their smartphones throughout the day, they quickly lose charge. There’s always been a demand for handsets to charge up as quick as they seem to drain in life; and with the iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X this is possible. Both devices support Qi wireless charging as well as fast charging too. However, extra accessories will need to be purchased in order to make wireless charging and fast charging possible, so when you have shelled out around £1000 for an iPhone X, it maybe makes sense to favour the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 battery lasts longer than that of the iPhone X

So, we’ve discussed how both handsets can be charged wirelessly and quickly, but which battery is going to last longer before you’re reaching for the charger? The iPhone X does have great battery life according to tests, lasting for around 12 hours. The iPhone 8 though has been known to last up to 14 hours before the charger is needed, and when it comes to battery life, every extra minute can be crucial.

Overall, when we consider the two devices, there seems very little difference between the two models. Yes, there is of course the Secure Authentication using Face ID, does that really justify £300 additional spend? If you are like most of us who spend the majority of time on your phone listening to music on Spotify, uploading photos on Instagram, downloading apps, playing video games and enjoying roulette at your favourite casino; then the iPhone 8 is the perfect device.

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