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IOTransfer 3 – an in depth review!

iPhones are the dream devices of everyone. But only existing iPhone users will know how hard it is to transfer any kind of files to and from the device. To simplify the hassle involved in it IOTransfer software is the best way out. IOTransfer 3 is software that is used as an iphone manager and for the file transfer in iOS devices. It can also be used as a management tool. The things you can do with this software is endless. Need to manage all the files in your iPhone? IOTransfer will help you to delete or manage your pictures, music, contacts, videos, podcasts, eBooks, etc. there are some amazing features of this version of the app. Let’s take a look at some of these cool features.

Features of IOTransfer 3

  • There is a clean tool which has been a recent addition to the software. This tool helps to scan the device you are using and then lusts out the junk files that can be cleaned thus freeing up space on the phone.
  • When the IOTransfer has launched the first thing it will show is the entire details regarding the phone. So one can see all about the statistics and name on the phone.
  • It supports anything and everything. This is probably the best feature of this app.
  • Direct videos can be downloaded on your iPhone. This feature helps the iPhone users to save any video they want right on their phone.
  • Need to back up the data in your phone? Well this app has the amazing feature of iOS data backup in any computer you want.
  • IOTransfer 3 helps to copy any file that you desire from the local directories, right into the apple device that you own. So it’s a one-click transfer solution from anywhere, anytime.

Thus with IOTransfer apple phone handling and management become a lot easier. The best part is that this iphone transfer software can be directly downloaded from the link that is given above.

Benefits of IOTransfer pro user

There is an option for being a pro user for all those that are planning to use this software. The PRO users will just have to pay 19.99 dollars for single user and for triple users the price is 29.99 per year. So its really cheap. The pro users will get the luxury of unlimited wireless iphone transfer all over the pc and iOS device. They will also get a 24*7 support through email from the technical team and there is also another money back guarantee of 60 days.

The pros and cons of IOTransfer


  • It’s a great tool when one needs to sync the OC with the iOS device owned.
  • The user interface is really intuitive which is a huge advantage.
  • The installation part as well as its usage is really easy and can be done by anyone
  • The file transfer mechanism is really fast and reliable.
  • It can work perfects fine of Mac as well as windows OS
  • One doesn’t need any amount of technical knowledge to run the app.
  • Help is provided in the software.


  • The app theme cannot be changed
  • The PRO version needs to be purchased for the software to get auto updates.

Thus it’s a must-have software for all the iPhone users. It helps to manage the phone in a couple of clicks and will save a lot of time and effort for the users. Reliable backups are also created so everyone should get it.

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