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How Do You Find An Internship As a Software Engineer?

Finding an internship does not have to be difficult, because there are various possibilities for getting an internship. However, it is important that you search in a targeted manner. So first find out what your study program requirements are for your internship. Then you see what you like. Where do I want to develop myself? What kind of company do I want for an internship?

What requirements are determined by my education?

Each study program places different requirements on an internship. That can also be different per college and university. Therefore, first investigate how long you have to do an internship and how much the research component must be in your internship. You can often get more information from your teacher or mentor about this. Also ask older students about program requirements. Your internship also needs to be approved.

Where do I want to develop myself?

Internship is important for your career program after your education. You often get practical experience during internships that are useful in your first or second job. Therefore, pay close attention to where you want to develop yourself as a professional. Try to find an apprentice that matches this.

What kind of company do I want for an internship?

The question, “in which company do I want an internship?” Often times are difficult to answer. You have little or no work experience, and you have seen several companies from within. Therefore, first, consider whether you want to work in a small or large company. The best option is to get in touch with as they help to find your dream job. They assist you in enhancing your resume, learning new skills, connecting with like-minded individuals, showcasing your individual projects, and probably most importantly, helping you begin a career.

  • Internships in a large organization

With a large organization you usually end up in one department. You deal with specific parts of business operations.

  • Internships in small organizations (SMEs)

In some countries, small and medium businesses offer many internships. Usually, work placements in SMEs are slightly more broadly oriented. You gain practical experience in various parts of your field. For your info, there are some SMEs that hire a developer in regular basis.

If you want to work as a software engineer

If you want to someday work as a software engineer, an internship is your initial capital. Without an internship, you will not get used to dealing with problems in the field. At least you need to apply for an internship for at least one year, making you accustomed to dealing with any problems related to software development.

Coding challenge

You don’t encounter coding challenges when you are an apprentice in another sector. But if you are an apprentice as a software engineer that is what you meet every day. Usually the coding challenge is set for 1 hour each day. But if you want to increase your capacity further, you can ask for more time. Visiting various online training sites is recommended. This will prepare you to face real challenges.


The interview is the first step before you walk through the door. Make sure you know the technology specifications that are applied or expected by the company where you will work part time. Do they really match what you have learned? Will you feel comfortable working in their system?

Personal web page

Why don’t you improve your portfolio with a good personal web? By creating a quality personal website, you will be able to show your prospective employers that you have at least mastered the basics of the website. You can enter all types of content and maybe that will show a little of your coding skills. Many companies pay attention to the prospective employee’s website when they try to find a software developer.

Keep learning while you can

Learning is something that must be done continuously. You cannot be satisfied with your current achievements because technology continues to grow, including in the software development sector. As a potential software engineer you cannot just rely on your current experience to compete in the future. Your current experience is your basic capital which must continue to be enriched with new knowledge and skills.

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