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5 Press Release Myths Debunked

All businesses can use some good PR. A well-composed press release will garner you the attention of your business’ target audience. This is without you hiring a mascot to hand out flyers and posters to random people on the streets.

Sadly, a well-composed press release is one thing that a lot of eCommerce businesses are missing out on. The reason for this is because a lot of entrepreneurs have a dark PR myth cloud over their head.

Well, it is high time to chase that dark cloud.

Myth 1: Your press release will not get published anyway

In times past, businesses submit their press releases to journalists. These journalists will then decide if the material is worthy to be put in front of the public.

In today’s internet age, getting word about your brand is not as nerve wrecking.

All you need to do is compose a press release and then sign up for press release submission sites. These sites do not only publish your material. They also syndicate your submission to relevant news outlets.

If you are a startup business, then it is wise to invest in a good PR service. Such a service can cost at about $300.00 for one press release.

This means that getting published is no longer a decision for picky press people to make.

Now what if you cannot spend that much money on a piece of press release? Read further.

Myth 2: Press releases are for big companies only

If you are working with a shoestring budget? Believe it or not – there are press release sites that are more forgiving on the pocket.

These sites, however, often do not include distribution services. Their site rankings may also not be as impressive as their pricier counterparts.

Also there are even PR submission sites that you can use for free.

Ultimately, press releases are not for companies with the big bucks only.

However, because these sites are free, you can expect to do a little bit of work. Free and cheap press release submission sites are limited in features.

This “little bit of work” can include profiling page rank to make sure that you are submitting to one with at least a 4 or 5 PR. This can also mean going the manual route when choosing distribution channels.

This brings us to the next myth.

Myth 3:  Submission sites are the end of the line for your press release

Depending on the size of your budget, PR sites will do your press release a lot of service. However, getting your release published is not the end of the line for you.

This is because you can still do at least a few things to amplify the benefits you get from your press release.

Your options on getting the most of your press release are endless. This means that submissions are definitely the end of the line for your press release.

Once your PR is published, you can create looped and timed social media updates of it on your social accounts. You can also publish a blog post about it right on your blog.

You can even setup monitoring streams on social media and Google alerts so you can pitch your release directly to qualified persons.

Myth 3: Nobody will read your PR anyway

Did you know that images, videos, and other forms of media can be incorporated in a press release? Multimedia is a sure way to grab and hold the interest of just about any person who comes across your press release.

Remember: where interest is, attention & action follow.

Here is a tip: use branded graphics when incorporating media into your press release. It can be a case study in one of your previous projects in the form of an infographic or a fun infomercial.

Now, because images and videos are but ingredients to the recipe make sure that your PR’s text is in itself a publish-worthy one.

Question: what if you just can’t pen even a simple press release? Is it the end of the world for you?

Answer: Absolutely not!

Myth 5: You will never have a publish-worthy PR

Let’s face it: you may ace your business and the services or products it offers. Thing is: you just can’t be everything. Say, you may be the best person to talk about your brand but putting your thoughts down in text is just not something you can do.

Good news is you can still have a publish-worthy press release. You can always hire a content writer to draft one for you. Don’t content writers cost a lot?

Most of them do, but you can always find content writer VAs don’t cost that much. This is without compromising the quality of their write-ups.

You can always have a publish-worthy PR.

With all these nasty press release myths debunked, there is now no reason for you not to get the perks of publishing a press release.


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