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8 Best Hunting Apps That Could Replace Your Hunting Partner

Bummed out about your hunting best bud ditching you on your next hunting trip? Somehow, the tech geniuses have managed to find a digital solution to everything. Yes, including your hunting problems! No, they haven’t invented a robot yet that could be your best hunting partner (although, I do believe it will happen someday — soon).

However, did you know that your smart phone could be put to use in many ways while you’re out hunting in the woods for the next game? Download the right app and you’ll be able to keep track of your location, get details on the best hunting times, take pictures, see in the dark, and much more!

Let’s have a look at what some of the best hunting apps can do. While you’re at it, tell your best bud to take a hike with hiking sticks the next time he offers you to go to a hunting trip together.

1. Deer Calls and Tactics Pro:


Available on iOS and Android, this application has a large collection of deer calls and sounds to lure your catch.

It Features:
–  Calls – Doe Grunt, Contact, Doe Bleat, Estrus Bleat, Breeding Bellow, Buck Bawl, Buck Grunt, Tending Grunt, Tending Click-Grunt, Snort-Wheeze
–  Rut Phase Description and Dates
–  Tactics & Tips for each Phase of the Rut
– Lunar Calendar and solunar day ratings
–  Field Notes page
–  Plus alot more!

2. Hunt Predictor:


This application is designed to aid hunters in knowing when to hunt and where to hunt. Based on a formula it predicts the places and timing of deer, waterfowl, and turkey. It uses 7 variables to predict wildlife movement. It generate location based predictions, time graphs, and analysis of prediction details.

3. iSonular Hunting and Fishing Timings:


More of a fishing fan? Go hunt your fish in the waters with the help of this amazing app! This app giveshunters current details concerning the best time of the day for hunting and fishing. It could be for any date and any location in the world. If you have an iPhone’s with the built-in GPS feature,this app will calculate the solunar tables (peak feeding and activity times) for your exact location based on the moon position and moon phase.

4. OnXMaps’s Hunt Map:


Developer HUNT maps to detect land ownerships are also available on smart phones and devices now. They use GPS on the device to locate and display land ownership information so that you can hunt your way through an adventure with confidence.

5. Trimble GPS Hunt Pro:


Trimble GPS Hunt Pro was built exclusively for hunter. This is your best navigation guide. With this app you can find the best hunting spots on detailed outdoor maps. You can also track wildlife, take photos, and backtrack the way to your home. You can even see underwater details for more than 6,900 lakes in the US.

6. Primos Wind:


Concerned about the wind direction? A hunter would be if his prey catches his scent, and it disappears even before his next blink. Primos Wind is a great app that will give you the upper hand by providing you with wind direction and speed information for your current location. It also has a built in compass.

7. Hunting Light and Blood Tracker:


This will be your favorite app if you’re a night hunter. The Hunter Light app will give you improved visibility in any time of the day. The bright white light can be used for anything, blue light is meant to discover objects under the camouflaged green of the forest, and the green light enable night vision. There is also a “blood tracking filter” which enhances the visibility of the blood trail left by wounded game so you can quickly recover the animal’s whereabouts.

8. SAS Survival Guide:


This a safety guide for all hunters written by a former Special Air Service soldier. It provides all kinds of information or safety and survival. It feature videos and images of things could happen or be present in a dangerous location (i.e. dangerous plants). You can also learn Morse code using this app.

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