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When to Buy a High-Performance Air Conditioner?

Take any decent air conditioner, and the chances of it cooling you down are high. The technology that enables us to live in a climate-controlled indoor space has advanced to the point where the ability to cool is expected.

Today, consumers want something that goes beyond that, something that can save them energy, reduce their contribution to greenhouse gasses, and save them money on their electric bill month after month. What sort of AC has the power to do this, and when would it be the right time to look into one?

High-performance air conditioning combines all of these perks into one unit. But in most cases, they also come with additional features. One of them is more accurate temperature readings on the thermostat. When run automatically, they’ll adjust according to what time of the day or night it is, consuming power sparingly.

When to Buy

1. Bills Become Expensive

On an ordinary AC, you’ll quickly notice the difference in energy costs if you were to shut it off for an entire month. Air conditioning is a major cause of inflated power bills. But since turning it off for that long isn’t a comfortable idea to put into action, a better option would be to look into energy-efficient air conditioning.

Shop for units that are built specifically for energy reduction, something that’ll cool your house in like manner to what’s already there, but won’t end with a dent in your account. More and more AC units have become easier to find like this, though some aren’t high in performance.

The performance of an AC is typically measured by the number of watts it uses up every hour. However, this alone doesn’t indicate power since powerful ACs can cool the air with a lower amount of wattage.

To distinguish such ACs from the regular units, look into the product’s star rating, cooling capacity, and energy rating. Combined, these show the AC’s overall strength and the costs associated with them.

2. Current AC isn’t Cooling Your Home Enough

Even some of the large air conditioners can have problems with cooling a home, especially those covering lots of rooms. Centralized vents have their uses, but aren’t perfect. If you know that clogging, unchanged filters, and damage to the outside condenser aren’t making your AC run poorly, you should think about upgrading to something stronger.

Sometimes, the problem could be that the AC isn’t strong enough. Large indoor areas require vigorous units or else there will be areas within the home that remain warm no matter what. But a high-performance air conditioning can fix this by pushing out air quickly, letting it flow through the vents faster to reach more space than a conventional AC can.

3. Damages to Your Current AC Unit

Nothing lasts forever, so maybe it’s time that an upgrade is done to replace an aging AC.

The first sign of replacement is bad cooling when you’re sure that all of the AC’s components and attachments are decent. The best way to check for this is with an HVAC specialist but there are some checks that you can look for yourself. Ensure that nothing is blocking the pathways where air should be flowing, such as the fins on the outside of your unit. There should be no holes or openings in any of the vents.

4. Your AC System Needs Frequent Repairs

As time goes by, if you find yourself paying, again and again, to have the same AC system in the local repair shop repeatedly, it may be the best time to just get a new one. Sooner or later, it will be more cost-effective to simply replace it with a higher-performing one, than to manage all the repairs. In the end, repairs not covered under a home warranty can become very expensive.

5. You Have an old AC Unit

The usual period time of an average AC unit is around 10 years. This means that if your old AC unit is acting up in any possible way, or is just not performing the way that it has been before, it is probably a good time to consider getting a new, higher-performing one that should perform better and last you even longer.  

Nevertheless, if you’re not still ready to replace it with a high-performing unit, just try cleaning it to distinguish if you can get several additional months or even years of life out of the old unit. If your window AC is 6 to 9 years old, you could probably still have at least 1 to 3 more years out of it.

Still not cooling like you think that it should? Look into a better air conditioner and you’ll get back to accurately controlling the climate in your home, or automating it.

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