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Boosting the Sales Process with Power Dialer

The sales process can be tricky and hard to go through, but is a much needed part of every business. People in this niche know just how extenuating and frustrating sales calls can be, making them all day, repeating the same stuff over and over again, and do repetitive tasks throughout the entire shift.

Now, however, there is a very handy way of making this entire process easier, faster and less resource-consuming. SalesLoft is a company known for its innovation in the entire sales process, and has now launched a tool that will help to improve the efficiency (and reduce the pain) of all the sales calls: let’s look at Power Dialer.

This tool is presented as “the first application to combine both email and power dialer into one platform”, which will help to modernize today’s SDRs (Sales Development Reps). It automates the entire prospect workflow by integration email and phone, giving users the ability to track all the outbound activity as well as to study all the data and analytics provided by Power Dialer, helpful to decide which steps to take next.

The prospect list can be automated so that SDRs only need to put on their headsets and hit go, in order to have a call after call after call workflow. Power Dialer also sorts prospects automatically, giving users the indication of the location and timezone of each prospect and advising on the best time to contact them.

In addition, it has the option of using local numbers with LocalDial, which improves the chances of clients picking up. Other useful features include the ability to record and drop, with a simple button click, of voicemail messages, as well as call recording.

All this, together with SalesLoft’s usual security features which, among other things, stop potential spying attempts, makes Power Dialer a must-have tool for all businesses and SDRs wanting to up to date with the best tools currently available.

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