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TRENDING: Real Estate Investment in Gurgaon, India

Real Estate Investment: The most Popular Method of Investment Currently

In recent years, investment in real estate in Indian cities has gained a lot of popularity when compared to other investment methods. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that India is a developing country, and many major cities across the country are experiencing rapid development and growth and are showing a promising future.

Investors are now directing more people towards investing in real estate because of the numerous benefits this field has to offer. Now, with the home loan process has become more flexible and easier, real estate investment is a good option.

One of the best reasons one can consider while investing in property is the fact that it can be leveraged.

Once you buy a property, you can put it up for lease and this can become a source of income that you get from your tenants. Renting is the best option to make use of your property because it caters to needs.

First, you can use the rental money to pay your mortgage, the home loan you had taken to acquire the property.

Second, you can set aside the remaining amount from the rent as a profit earned on your property. Then after, once you have paid up your loan, this monthly rent becomes a stable source for income for through. The best part?

This source of the money doesn’t stop when you retire. So, you can enjoy your retirement years with a good flow of income. A home loan comes with the benefit of saving on taxes, you would have had to pay otherwise.

Real estate investment is a hedge against inflation. When you own a property, you need not stress about inflation, because if benefits you. As the prices go up, so does the rental income that you earn from your rented property.

Gurgaon: The Best City to Invest your Money in!

Gurgaon, India which is considered to be an extension of Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the most sought-after locations for investing in real estate. This is believed to be accurate for both residential and commercial properties.

With numerous projects in line, there are so many flats in Gurgaon which are ready for possession. The prices of these flats are also regulated pretty well, because of the after-effects of the Good and Services Tax (GST) which came into implementation in mid-2017 and also because of demonetization.

It is now in trend to buy residential properties in Gurgaon, India and put up the same for rent. Check out any renting website, and you will find numerous advertisements for flats for rent in Gurgaon. With the growing number of industries and setting up of Multinational Corporations in Delhi and Gurgaon, it has become a hot hub for working professionals from across the country in all fields of work. And, as the number of job opportunities is increasing, so is the demand for houses.

Even the people working in Delhi prefer living in Gurgaon because of numerous reasons. Gurgaon is one of the most planned cities of the country, and it was developed by HUDA, the Haryana Urban Development Authority.

Since the city is still developing, there are better options for buying accommodations here. From 1 BHK to 4 BHK you can get all kinds of flats for rent in Gurgaon. If you are a student on a student budget, or a family with the needs of spacious accommodation, Gurgaon caters to all your needs.

Yet another reason why people choose Gurgaon over Delhi is that the former is more peaceful and isolated than the latter. Gurgaon has also been praised for its weather and people. The weather might get extreme sometimes, but it general it is always pleasant. The local crowd is friendly, and there aren’t linguistic problems faced by people coming from different corners of the country.

Living in flats in Gurgaon lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the life of Delhi, thanks to the city’s proximity with the capital of the country, while you escape the hectic and cluttered streets of Delhi. Gurgaon has a great nightlife as well, another popular opinion to consider, because after a long week at work who doesn’t want some good places to go and relax? Some of the most beloved hang

out places in Gurgaon are Cyber Hub, Wet n Wild, Kingdom of Dreams, Ambience mall, Leisure Valley, etc.

Some of the Best Locations to Live in Gurgaon, India are:

  • Sector 43 and 57: These sectors have all variations of apartments, studios, and villas to offer, starting from 1 BHK, going up to 5 BHK. You can earn rent accordingly.
  • Unitech Heritage City, MG Road: This part of Gurgaon is without a doubt one of the most expensive cities to live in. So, if you buy a property in this area, and put it up for rent, you can expect to earn some pretty good amount in terms of rent.
  • Sector 41 and 49: South City: This area is quite known for its eco-friendly environment, plus it a gated community. It is definitely a good investment to make in terms of real estate.

Some other good sectors one can consider while on the look for buying property are Sectors 14, 31, 40, 45 and 46.

What you Need to Know Before Investing in the Real Estate:

Investing in real estate is a big commitment and a pretty big deal since it involves a huge amount of money. So, before you go into investing in real estate, be very thorough with your research, your wants, needs, and requirements that must be fulfilled by the property you buy.

Investment in real estate requires you to make decisions in a logical manner, and not get swayed away by emotional arguments. Take into consideration all the factors that’ll come into play once you invest. Be very sure about finances and consult professionals if you are even a tad bit unsure about your decisions.

To cater to all your needs, we believe that investing your hard-earned money into a city like Gurgaon, India is definitely a good option.

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