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Top Tech Helpers: Apps Every Rideshare Driver Should Have

If you’re a ridesharing driver, you know that apps are important aspect of driving and running a successful business. Without your base app of Uber, Lyft or any other company you wouldn’t even be able to operate anyhow. We’re taking a look at some additional apps that will make your job and experience that much easier.

Driving Assistance Apps

A lot of drivers out there use two phones or a variety of a device connected to a cellular network. Doing this makes it easier to work on the internal areas of the ridesharing app and have an extra helping hand by using other apps.

  1. Google Maps: Everyone including non-drivers knows that Google Maps is one of the best GPS locators out there. There’s just no better app out there that’s going to get you where you need to be. A majority of all requests are accessible by the app allowing for varying routes due to factors like traffic, construction, and speed.
  1. Waze: An app that allows you to gather crowd-sourced information from other drivers about any problems on the road, hazards in real time. As a contributor you’re able to add your own input into the app as well.

Supplementary Apps

Driving people around is a social job and the more help with apps you have on your phone or devices can make for a pleasant ride. There’s a reason ridesharing has become the most popular form of public transit. Here’s some apps to help out with that.

  1. Spotify: If you’re looking to crank out some good tunes of any genre, this is the app to be using. It has over millions of different genres spanning musical generations and will keep the car bumping for the ride. It’s an essential if people just want to chill out while driving.
  1. Weather: This app is both a blessing and curse. It means if the driving is bad out it’ll be rougher driving, but less drivers. This equates to surge pricing and more money for you. If you want to take the risk go ahead, just stay prepared.

Treating Driving like a Business

As much fun as ridesharing is, it has got to be treated like a business. This means using apps that track miles and expenses. Along with these types of apps you’ll want to be in contact with a good lawyer service. is one such place that will aide drivers with the necessary information and protection they need.

  1. Gas Buddy: Once that’s figured out, grab an app that tracks your miles while you’re driving. Mileage tracking can assist in saving hundreds of dollars when tax time comes around. This app can help you save if you’re driving a car that isn’t fuel-efficient. It also helps you get to the closest gas station and find the cheapest prices.

These new tools all assist in turning your vehicle and phone into a fun money making machine for ridesharing.


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