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GbWhatsApp – The better alternative to stock whatsapp

Why are you using WhatsApp when something better than it is available already?


Don’t worry I will explain you what do I mean by that statement.

Have you heard of GbWhatsapp? If not, then let me tell you.

GBWhatsApp is the modded version of the whatsapp. Modded version means that someone has actually modified the original source code of the app.

In this article, we will take you through a breif introduction of Gbwhatsapp, and it’s top notch features as stated by other publications online.

Now this is done to improve the capabilities of the original app.

So GBWhatsApp is the most popular modded version of the WhatsApp. For your information, there are many modded version of whatsapp is available in the market.

But GBWhatsApp outshines every other modded version of WhatsApp for sure.

Now let me share some of the best features of GBWhatsApp with you.

As we have read out a breif introduction we will now take you through top notch features of Gbwhatsapp in 2019.

Features of GBWhatsApp

Here are the features as follows

  • Copy Status

Now sometimes you really like someone’s status in the whatsapp. And you want to use that status.

But unfortunately you are not allowed to do in the whatsapp. But if you use GBWhatsApp then you can easily use the copy status feature. This is said to be the highest rated feature of the application.

Therefore, download the GBWhatsApp and enjoy the wonderful copy status feature in it.

  • Hide Ticks

In whatsapp you are allowed to hide the last seen on the whatsapp from your whatsapp contacts. But you are not allowed to hide the blue ticks and double ticks.

To remove these types of limitations only GBWhatsApp was developed. Yes, GBWhatsApp allows you to hide the blue ticks and the double ticks from your whatsapp contacts. This is the reason why Gbwhatsapp is the most popular modded application of the original application named Whatsapp. The Gbwhatsapp app has more than 2 millions downloads from users all over the globe.

So now even though you would receive and read the message. But your whatsapp contacts would not know about it.

  • Send More Photos and Larger Videos

In whatsapp you can only send up to 30 photos simultaneously. But sometimes you really want to send more than 30 photos.

To remove this limitation you can use GBWhatsApp. In GBWhatsApp you can send up to 90 photos simultaneously.

In whatsapp you cannot send videos of more than 20 mb of size. But in GBWhatsApp you can send videos up to 50 mb of size.

And this is really a great feature which GBWhatsApp provides to you.

So if you use GBWhatsApp then you are using an Updated Version of the WhatsApp which has yet not been available for the people.

Final Words

Well, it’s been an absolute honor bringing you this article on Gbwhatsapp, it has all the important and Updated feature of the application in 2019.

The post is not sponsored by Gbwhatsapp, and it’s development team.

Disclaimer: Technofaq doesn’t associate itself with any apps that is present outside the Google Playstore. Use apps not endorsed by Google at your own risk.  This 3rd party article should be taken strictly as a guide for the app and we are not responsible, nor do we partake with any infringement that may happen whatsoever after installing apps outside the Google PlayStore. 

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