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Five Things A VPN Can Do For You

From fighting hackers to making your presence anonymous, a VPN connection does it all. It is by far the best tool for everyone who works online. With the onset of the Corona Virus, as most organizations declare a Work from the Home policy for weeks, the importance of a VPN is further understood, enterprise VPN servers have now become the company’s backbone.

Enterprise VPN allows you to connect to various networks, spread across different locations. Therefore, with an EVPN, you can access your files on the office network from home and work as if you are physically present at work. The primary reason why most large enterprises opt for VPN’s is due to its advanced security features. A VPN consists of a secure tunnel through which the encrypted data passes, thus making it more private and secure.

In this article, we want to enlighten you about the amazing facts about VPN, beyond its security functionality.

  • Secures your online activity

Do you know that your Internet Service Provider, is continuously watching over your activities? Data is an essential aspect of marketing, and to fulfill this demand, the ISPs are rigorously tracking their users. Now, as ISPs are permitted to sell the users’ data, the threat of data selling to advertisers has increased. Do not be surprised if you receive random calls from various vendors, whom you casually searched on the internet. However, this threat can be bypassed with a VPN solution that acts as a defense against any third eye prying.

  • Get Hold of the Best Online shopping deals

This is yet another less distinct advantage of a VPN connection. For instance, if you are traveling to a foreign land and you wish to order a product from your amazon store and schedule its delivery to your home, back in your country, then mostly you will be able to access the amazon’s country-specific site. However, if you use the VPN server, belonging to your country, then you will be able to access your country-specific site and order the product, using your account and request for home delivery. A lot of people order international products, using the manufacturer’s country particular VPN, to levy the advantage of localized pricing. For example, if you want a Japanese product, sitting in the US, but at a price available in Japan, then you can use, a popular Japan-based VPN provider, and see the local rates of the product and order.

  • Access Home Network

You may be out for work and might want to access an important file on your home computer for personal or professional reasons. Whatever the case, a VPN can help you remotely access your PC and get the data you wish, without any hassle. However, make sure that your VPN service is secure and fast.

  • Download Anonymously

What if we tell you that VPN can help you to download any copyrighted content anonymously, including the most popular torrent downloads? That’s true, VPN camouflages your IP address, thus securing your identity and protecting it from being watched by higher authorities.

  • Stream Blocked Content

Geo-blocking is the most sought-after feature of a VPN. For example, if you are in China and wish to watch Netflix US-based content, then by using a VPN, you can surpass the geographical restrictions and access Netflix US, sitting in China.

Final Thoughts

VPN is beyond just security; it consists of a plethora of amazing features that can make your online journey safe, secure, and enjoyable. The only thing that you need to take care of is to choose the right VPN service provider who can deliver the optimum level of encryption to your data.

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