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3 Crowdfunding Projects Bringing ‘Old’ Objects to the 21st Century

With all the evolution our world has been having, specifically in the tech areas, our quality of life is much improved by everyday objects that are improved throughout the years. Still, some of those objects seem to get stuck in the past, oblivious of all the improvements going around them.

But some projects want to change this reality and bring those objects to the 21st century, in something that is actually becoming a tech trend. Let’s meet three projects seeking financing in crowdfunding sites that, if all goes well, should be successful in that task and, soon, we should expect to see their products on the market.



Coolbox promises to bring the toolboxes to the future. It can power various gadgets with its 5000mAh battery, illuminate with LED lights, charge devices through USB, play music through its 40W Bluetooth speakers and has a tablet stand.

But it also has the regular features from a toolbox. Coolbox comes with a 12 foot long power cable, a whiteboard, wheels for easy movement and a space of 1800 cubic centimeters for tools – oh yeah, and it also has a bottle opener.

Coolest Cooler


Coolest Cooler is not a cooler that simply freezes beers and other drinks – the secret for its success lies in its wide range of features. While it chills the drink, Coolest Cooler is able to play music from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The speaker is waterproof, so it can be safely used next to a pool.

It also comes with a built-in blender, USB charger and a very handy internal LED light, allowing people to get the drinks at night with ease. Wheels are present to facilitate the mobility of the cooler, that has a capacity of 60 liters and weights about 13.6 kg. The cooler comes with plastic dishes, bottle opener and glasses for various uses.

The Micro


Aiming to be the world’s first (truly) consumer 3D printer, The Micro has been very successful in its Kickstarter crowdfunding page. And that’s no wonder: the printer has some features that make it very attractive for those who want to bet on 3D object creation.

According to the developers it has a micro chip that provides automatic leveling resistant carbon fiber structures and long lasting replaceable components that accept some alternative materials, adding about 15 features. Being about 7.3 inches tall and weighing only 2.2 pounds, The Micro is light and compact, ensuring that it can be used both in small laboratories and in home, to produce household items and toys.

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