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How to start a car rental business in 2023

Starting a car rental business, on the one hand, may seem like an attractive idea. You buy inexpensive economy class cars, rent them out at a certain rate and recoup the costs in 1.5-2 months. But besides calculating the desired revenue, there are many other nuances that need to be taken into account when opening your own rental company.

What you need to open a car rental business

First, it is important to understand why the car rental system is so popular. It is convenient and cost-effective. Some customers have their own car but cannot use it for some reason, so they turn to a rental company. Others do not have a car but need transportation to move around and fulfill their needs. Some people rent a car for entertainment purposes, such as taking a city tour or going on vacation.

Regardless, when providing car rental services, the first priority should be the convenience of the customers and finding a reliable insurance company. Rental cars are always at risk. They can be stolen or involved in an accident. With insurance, part of the expenses will be covered. The next steps are creating a fleet, renting an office and parking lot, finding customers, car rental management software, and advertising the company.

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Buying a car

Any car rental company’s fleet should include vehicles of different classes: both budget and luxury. The variety is due to the fact that clients need cars for different purposes. Therefore, first, it is necessary to understand which audience you will be working with. Cars can be classified as follows:

  • Economy class cars are designed for those who want to save on their trip. Such cars are a means of transportation, but nothing more.
  • Mid class is for spacious cars for 4-5 people with luggage. This class is suitable for those who are not satisfied with economical cars, but do not want to spend too much;
  • Comfort class includes medium-sized cars with sedan or hatchback bodies. The salon can accommodate up to 5 passengers, and the cars are suitable for comfortable trips with the family.
  • Business class cars are for those who rent them for business trips. These cars have a spacious salon, which is already trimmed with expensive materials in the basic configuration.
  • SUVs are cars with high clearance, with front and rear-wheel drive. Thanks to SUVs, drivers can conquer off-road terrain without damaging the suspension.

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All rental companies provide cars for rent with basic insurance. Anything can happen to a car, and having an insurance policy is a mandatory requirement when opening a rental business. Especially since the behavior and intentions of the drivers who rent the car are unknown to you. For an additional fee, you can purchase comprehensive insurance, which will cover a greater number of risks.

Insurance will not cover expenses in the following situations in case of an accident:

  • the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • the accident occurred when the driver ran a red light;
  • the driver was someone who was not listed as an additional driver in the rental agreement;
  • the driver left the scene of the accident or moved away slightly (which is also considered leaving);
  • water got into the engine, causing it to stall slightly;
  • the driver did not call the insurance company after the accident;
  • participating in races in a rented car;
  • using a rental car as a taxi.

Basic and comprehensive insurance also does not cover punctures and other damage to tires, theft of windshield wipers, a dirty interior that requires dry cleaning, damage to discs and hubcaps.

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Finding clients

The car rental business can become successful through attracting customers, and this can be done with the help of certain promotional tools. You can create a company account on social networks. This will not only attract new customers, but also allow you to communicate with them through personal messages. You can advertise on specialized websites that offer bulletin boards. Add information about your company, prices for services, and the variety of the car fleet, backed up with realistic photographs.

As in many other areas, contextual and banner advertising works very well in the rental business. For this, you need to have your own website with easy navigation. Make sure that the website has all the necessary navigation: from the ability to choose a car to payment methods. Car rental will be very successful in terms of customer volume if the business is located in a large industrial city or in a tourist area.


You can rent an office and a parking lot in the industrial area of ​​the city next to a car service to make servicing cars more convenient. But finding an office space in an airport or hotel would be a completely different level. Especially if you open a rental company in a resort town. In the future, when business goes uphill, you can think about moving to areas with good traffic or opening another car rental point there.

Another thing that should not be ignored when creating a company is a special car rental management system. In other words, you will need a program that will let you see a report for each car, accept payment from the client, control the work of your subordinates, and see the current state of the cars. Car rental software allows you to upload reports for any period. This is very convenient, because you will always see the flow of finances and adjust them depending on the situation.


Opening a car rental company is not difficult if you take into account all the above nuances. The profitability of such a business depends on the location of the fleet itself and your office, the variety of cars, the right advertising tools and methods, as well as the availability of a program for keeping records. With proper business management, it can be gradually scaled up and receive additional income.

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