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How to Build A Client Base: A Guide for Young Lawyers

Before moving into the main topic, well, congratulations! Your hard work has finally prospered, and you have become a lawyer. But this is not the end rather the start of your new journey of establishing a base to be able to display your skills. 

Being new to the profession, it is pretty apparent to feel alien in the market landscape, especially when things are in the middle of the transition. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out. 

Read on to figure out how to get clients as a new lawyer so that you can run and grow your firm. But also remember you always have the option to reach out to law firm SEO experts for help at any given point in time. 

1. Start with Optimizing Your Website

The modern world demands having a website. It is the most important primary source of your online presence. And the most effective way to get your website noticed is to get your SEO game strong. Better the SEO, the greater the odds of landing in the top position of the search engine result page. 

2. Consider Implementing Local SEO

Optimizing your site for local searchers can take you a step ahead in building a better and more effective client base. With a round figure of 46% percent people searching for local businesses over a search engine like Google, being a fresher, you need to have your website optimized to grab hold of these searchers. As every client matters to build a solid customer base. 

3. Focus On Content Creation

Content has been the king and will continue to reign supreme in the coming days as well. So being fresher, you need to focus on the quality of content you will be publishing. This strategy is also suggested by expert law firm SEO, as it is not just the existing client but also the search engine crawlers who would be going through the content you publish. 

4. Register Yourself into Legal Directories

If you think that it is just your website that can help people find you in the search, then you are highly mistaken. Legal directories are one of the other ways that can help people get your name. As there is an ample amount of them available providing different sorts of benefits, the more you register yourself into, the more benefits you can pull from them.  

5. Give a Chance to Conventional Advertising –

The era of digital marketing has not completely put the conventional marketing tactics back forth. As a novice lawyer, you should hit on various methods to grow your presence and build a client base. Methods like printed and broadcast media can be helpful for new firms. 

You can also count on other methodologies like sending emails to the audience of your target market or localities, attending trade shows, different events for industries and people who will benefit from it. If you tend to increase your local customer base, you can use internet marketing and optimize it to serve the people within a specific geographical area. 

6. Join Organizations and Networks –

The course of action for having a strong customer base for a business at any point is networking. It helps in attracting new customers, so ensure the way you want to start networking. Expanding your horizon never goes out of fashion. The more you move out of your zone and meet new people, the more you are opened to make new connections. 

Try to attend more events, meet new people, join elite groups, and don’t forget to hand over your business card to make sure they call you if they need a lawyer!


Creating a client base and generating business for it isn’t something that one can achieve overnight. You need to keep patient and continue with your efforts till you reach your ultimate goal. But yes, taking help from experts like law firm SEO can ease your way to a great extent by helping you build an efficient website that draws clients for you. 

This can be an excellent way to embark on your new journey, as today, online presence is what matters the most, regardless of the profession or business you have. 

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