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10 Most Effective Ways to Collect Leads Through Your Blog

In the early days of blogging. There were lots of small domain for blogging which is used for online journals or diaries. Earlier blogging was also known as a virtual space for storing thoughts, beliefs, and memories.

Thoughts change due to the rising rate of business on Internet. Hobby bloggers disappeared for the most part and new wave bloggers began to shape what has now become a billion-dollar industry.

Way and purpose of blogging changes and it’s become an important key factor for businesses for generating revenue both directly and indirectly. In today’s world of business the important question that every business person ask that are you maximizing your blog’s lead collection efforts and how?

Blogs are the resource to increase your business digital presence, making your business more visible and findable via a different search engine. They play a vital role in generating leads for your business.  Your business blog can function as a kind of triage for your sale team, fielding and answering questions via the content you produce there.  This all possible only if you create a momentum effectively.

Here’s a 10 step prescription to increase your visibility and convert your qualified traffic for your business into leads using blog.

Use Your Business Blog as an Extension of Your Main Website

People who visit your business online make a better experience with your company through a blog page. They might never land on your main site’s homepage, So it si important to link your blog visually as well as technically. Always maintain your business blog as a subdomain of your main domain (for ex- Something like Blogging on the same domain that hosts your company site that all inbound links to log page also juice up the search mojo of your main site.

Provide a Reason to Believe

Now, most of the bloggers are using some sort of opt-in form built into their blogs. And we all know that how customer data is important for our business. To get the data of customer you integrated the opt-in form into your web pages and it’s good but the question arise are you doing good enough to encourage subscriptions?

I think no. Another good strategy is to create some sort of incentive or reason to believe. customer will love to give their data only when in return they are getting something tangible.

And this all possible through your blogs. Spend some time brainstorming ideas with your team. That how you can move blog visitors to action?  Here are the three popular ideas:

  • Free Trial: The simplest incentive is a free trial offer. This usually works best for service or subscription based businesses.
  • A Discount: is slightly easier but has the same effect. Discounts usually help you collect and drive leads in one fell swoop.
  • Free Physical Gift: The most effective incentive you can present to visitors is a free physical gift in return for an opt-in.

Solving and Shareable Blog

Your blog must concentrate on your clients. It should either solve their issues or share your assets. Try not to sell your stuff. This may sound self-evident, yet a number of business blog journals appear to be a store for official statements, regurgitated advertising talk, and other pablum. News about your company and its products and services might be fascinating to you, but it’s not what will ultimately attract and engage prospects. Write about what they care about.

How to find out what to write and what not?

While writing your blog use inquiries or frequently asked a question which will work as a fuel for your blog post. Ask your front line folks: What problems do our customers ask about? What advice do they need? What problems do our products or services solve? Also, check your search logs: See what keywords people use when they land on your site to get a sense of what problems they have and what words they use to describe them.

Avoid War and Peace Post for Your Business

While writing blog for your business mainly focuses on a single idea. Always think about a short paragraphs or bullet points. Start with a declarative sentence that set up the key idea. This will not bore your readers and help you to gain traffic for your blog as well as for your business.

Killing Headline for Your Business Blog

It is spent to write the killing headline for your business blog because every blog post creates a new page on your site, and every new page creates another opportunity to boost your ranking on different search engine page. Your blog page title becomes your web page title so you must spend some time to write the effective headline for your blog.

Use Call to Action

In addition to linking within the post itself, remember the land around the post. There are a couple of zones prime for suggestions to take action on any blog page, including the “leaderboard” spot at the highest point of your blog, the sidebar on either side of the post and the regularly overlooked space instantly taking after a blog entry.

Offer subscription Services

Allow your visitors to subscribe to subscribe your blog’s page to get regular update about your new blogs. This will help you to get a better relationship with your customer and your customer will be always updated about your new product and business. There are many plugins which you can integrate into your site to turn on your subscription list.

Integrate Social Beings With your Business Blog

The more traffic you attract, the more opportunities you’ll have for generating leads. So be sure to outfit your blog with social-sharing icons, particularly the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will help your readers to share your blogs on different social media and which will help you to target new customer for your business.

Keyword Optimization for Your Older Post

When your older blog post is live for while and collecting organic search data, They you must go back to optimize the keywords. It will help you to increase the ranking of an article even it is posted earlier. Using this technique many business increase the conversion rate of an older post by 87% and a number of lead generation by 99%.

Remember One Final Thing about Blog

For every business, the blog is an opportunity. It a new path to connect with your customer in a real time and in an accessible way. A blog will drive lead for your business if it gets an active and ongoing promotion and participation.


Blog for your business is important to increase your online presence and to get traffic for your business. The above-mentioned point will help you to make an effective blog for your business. If I missed any important point about generating a lead from the blog then mention your suggestion in the given below comment box.


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