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5 Tools Every Remote Work Team Needs For Seamless Co-ordination

The pandemic induced lockdown has opened the flood gates to the revolution of remote work AKA work from home. It was a leap of faith or shall I say leap provoked by compulsion by for a lot of companies that hadn’t tried full-fledged remote work ever.

After nearly 3 months of lockdown several companies especially startups are considering full-time remote work for their organizations. If not for the entire team then at least for a part of their team.

Some notable companies like Twitter & Facebook have come forth for this.

The very idea sounds pleasant but pulling it off efficiently needs more than just passing the decision. What it needs is planning & execution.

This remote work tool-kit will bring your plan into effect and let you carry out operations effortlessly.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is in many ways a robust project management tool that will help you keep track of the progress of the projects regularly.

A project manager responsible for looking after a specific function can build a badass spreadsheet template that encompasses every facet and tracks contributions by every member.

Utilizing the rows & columns effectively a lot of data can be segregated properly & be made sense of without losing sanity.

The comment feature and chat feature makes the process more collaborative. The team members do not have to prove their worth by going so far as to reporting every single thing they do to the project manager.

The file-sharing features make Google Drive more secure, so secure that you can give limited access to freelancers with ease as you can choose to grant access for viewing/ editing / commenting.

Pro tip: If your team is huge then without hesitation upgrade to G-Suite it has add-ons and additional features like more cloud storage and custom domain emails.

  1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an incredible tool for organizations working remotely. What appears as just a calendar app to see the date and days falling ahead for several smartphone users happens to be a tool that teams use for effective communication, setting reminders that every teammate should keep track of. It seems only unfair to not mention it’s usefulness in setting meetings & webinars.

Startups and IT companies need to keep having collaborative meetings for brainstorming, ideations, meetings for revelations & announcements.

How do you manage this remotely? WhatsApp group pings? 

That can be annoying with family groups constantly buzzing; not to mention that those can easily be ignored unintentionally.

Google Calendar updates are awesome. Once a group reminder or meeting is shared, every teammate received an email and a pop-up notification of the event. Teammates need to tick that they are going to be attending or not.

Very hard to ignore something that is executed systematically.

  1. Zoom

I can’t think of a better video conferencing tool than Zoom for remote working teams. And imagining remote work with video conferencing/ face to face collaboration is impossible.

Things can be talked out or texted, that’s true; and that even saves the trouble.

But, video conferencing technology has more to offer. First, there’s a human connection that inculcates warmth for the candidate at the receiving end.

Secondly, it’s easier to demonstrate concepts on a video conferencing medium rather than on text or call medium.

With Zoom, many teammates can join at once, the demonstrator can literally share the screen that does the job of making a point. Let’s say you have to explain a presentation or a SaaS tool that assists in a project or maybe an aspect of the business website that needs work.

Live face-to-face interaction is a way to go for it.

4. Slack

Replace WhatsApp with Slack if you haven’t already. Slack isn’t the latest innovation that everyone is talking about on Twitter.

Slack has made its way across several teams.

Slack is the answer to seamless communication. Slack is devoted to team communication so it’s free of distractions. Teammates can pay undivided attention while communicating over Slack.

More than that you can build channels built to address or discuss a particular thing. Using slack you can easily share huge files. In fact, Google Drive stays connected to Slack, so if a teammate shares a file with you Drive; your Slack bot will shoot you a pop up notification.

5. VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a must when your team is working remotely. If your team works remotely; there’s a decent chance that your system/ database is rendered vulnerable that is if your employees are using an insecure WiFi network. Maybe your team is wandering and likes to switch places of work. Someday they may choose to work at a Starbucks using their WiFi.

To prevent uninvited casualties it’s important to take preliminary precautions and invest in a decent VPN for your team.

So, there it is 5 amazing tools remote teams should invest in. Let us know the tools you would like to recommend.

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