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Things not to do with Power Strips

As we require electricity for everything, it is common for us to be hooked to our power outlets. Thus, like with everything, we try to enhance the capacity of our appliances. Similarly, to increase the capacity of our outlets, we attach power strips. Power strips are also referred to as extensions, as they help the user connect multiple devices to the power strip’s outlets. So, owing to their functionality, they are widely used. As they are highly used, they can face some wear and tear, which can cause problems. To increase their life, there are some hacks provided in this article. The information provided is highly subjective. The crst tech individuals should keep their respective power strips in mind by applying the information.

Never Plug a Power Strip into Another Power Strip

Every owner should follow the common rudimentary practice, so they should never try to plug into another power strip. The combination of both the extensions can cause short circuits, and they may affect the functioning of the strips. It is also against the safety manual direction. Further in the USA, the OSHO regulation doesn’t permit the same.

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Never Overload a Power Strip

Check the amperage of the power strip and try to keep things plugged in within the amperage limit. There are various implications of overloading a power strip. Some of them can be really serious and can cause great harm to property and life. Overloading the strip can cause an extreme fire. Further, it can lead to plastic melting and sticking to the holding surface. Further smoke and other fumes can also come out of the power strip when overloaded.

Never Put a Power Strip Under a Rug

Try to keep the power strip in an open area within the home; keeping the same in confined spaces like rugs and doormats can cause fires. So, when the power strips are kept within an enclosed space, it can cause the power strip to heat up. This amalgamation of heat and the rug make a terrible recipe for disaster. Thus, to keep safe from this hazard, it is highly recommended that users keep their strips out in airy spaces within their homes.

Never Plug Beauty Tools into a Power Strip

Avoid putting big appliances on the power strip. A common piece of advice that people can follow is to avoid putting big electronic appliances used for beautification. Hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners are some of the appliances one should avoid. Putting the same in the power outlet can lead to a fire. That being said, different power strips come rated at different wattage levels and the max load specifications can by found on the manufacturers website or the box. Therefore, running high wattage appliances may by possible, but you may have to check the power draw and delivery for both items before doing doing so.

Never Use a Damaged Power Strip

If you have multiple power strips and out of the same, you choose the power strip, which already has a fair amount of tear and wear. So, if a power strip is previously damaged, then the same should be completely avoided. Even if only one plug of the power strip may not be working, the same plug can still cause the whole strip to overload and thus cause various hazards.

Never Leave Them Near Children

Try to keep your power strips away from the hands of children; if any child touches with wet hand while they may be exposed, then it can lead to bad implications. Keeping them at a high place near the power outlets can help prevent this problem. Further, keeping them away from respective pets would also be recommended; playing with a power strip may be fun for your cat, but their claws and teeth can seriously damage the strip, leading it to a short circuit.

Buy from a certified manufacturer.

Use power strips that certified manufacturers make. In India, certified manufacturers have ISO imprinted behind their products. If great quality products are bought, then chances of mishaps are very less and thus following the same is recommended. Few extra rupees can be spent for extra safety. Extra safety goes long to protect oneself.

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