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A Dive Into The European Gambling Scene: Why it is a Better Place to Bet Your Cash and Win Free Slots

Let’s begin by asking a question, which place would you go to, if you had to place bets and make a quick buck?

If your immediate thinking was Vegas and Macau, or any other Asian-American place, then I wouldn’t really blame you for missing out on the glorious EU. The truth of the matter is, while places in Asia or America flaunts their casinos with a million lights and flashy graphics, things inside the EU are a bit more subtle and sophisticated. Which could naturally give out the idea that all bets require you to have a million dollars and that handing out free slot machines isn’t really their jam.

However, that is a gross mis-understanding and here we’ll attempt to analyze a few of the popular European nations and their laws and culture regarding gambling.

  • France

In a lot of ways, France is probably is the place of genesis for the European gambling scene. It is home to some of the most high-end elite casino’s in the entire European which makes it the ideal place for rich oligarchs and businessmen to try their luck at hitting a million-dollar Jackpot. But at the same time, it also has several lower tier casino’s to facilitate the first timers as well as ones with lower budgets.

What makes France so special is that, it is home to over 200 functional casino’s, making it the biggest gambling hub in the entire European continent. If that isn’t an amazing statistic in itself, France also has the most variety when it comes to gambling, including but not limited to casino’s, bingo halls, poker, animal racing online betting etc.

Furthermore, the gambling industry is jointly regulated by the France’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Finance, meaning that you laws in place to protect you from attempted fraud. Today the gambling industry at France stands at a staggering $35 Billion dollars which is one of the biggest in the entire EU.

In conclusion, there are fewer places than France with better casino’s in the entire EU. From high stakes card games to modest slot machines, there is something for everyone.

  • Poland

Poland mostly skips the radar when it comes to gambling, which could be attributed to the fact that the country itself is more attuned towards art and culture, due to their mixed ethnicity. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that Poland is a surprisingly awesome hub for gambling, even when it comes to its online execution. Let me elaborate on that.

The reason why Poland might not seem like a hot gambling destination at first is because it has had somewhat of a rough going in the scene. From internal political corruption and scams leading to a total ban on online gambling back in 2009, to very high taxes on gambling, this country has seen its fair share of ups and downs in this business segment.

However, the whole matter has been controlled as of now and Poland is opening its arms to 3rd party Licensed gambling companies to operate and manage new gambling platform in Poland, while at the same time it continues to introduce new laws to counteract fraudulent gambling practices.

Poland also has some of the strictest Gambling laws in the entire European continent and the industry has risen to a massive 3+ Billion dollars ever since the laws were put in place. Simply put, people are protected by the govt when it comes to gambling as the ministry of Poland is actively adding illegal operators to its blacklist.

  • Czech Republic

If there are two things that the Czech Republic is famous for, it has to be the Pubs and the casinos. That place is an active tourist destination and with tourist comes a plethora of gambling sites, 170+ registered Casinos to be exact. The biggest casino destination being its capital city, Prague with 14 major casino sites along with over 340 slot games. The gambling industry in Prague is so liberal with its laws that even gaming arcades have slot machines where you can try your luck out.

However like Poland, the country is restricted in terms of external involvement of 3rd party casino holdings and online casino’s are very limited. However thanks to a bill based by the EU back in 2016, EU-EEA approved casino operators may apply for a license for gambling within the nation, after extensive background checks.

This restriction has also caused decline in the total number of casino operations, which back in 2015 was reduced from 225 to 174, mainly due to being blacklisted or cancelled due to favouritism of larger casino operations by the Govt. On the flip side however, the total involvement of people and the annual local population involvement in the casino’s have increased exponentially.

  • Spain

When it comes to tourist destinations and Casinos combined into a rich package, there are few places more enjoyable than Spain. Like France, it is one of the oldest destinations when it comes to legalised gambling and enjoys a good degree of regulation from the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego.

The gambling industry is said to have sustained Spain’s economical collapse in recent years and hence a lot of legal protection was added to counter fraud and embezzlement by external parties. To even run an online casino, you need to be approved by the Spanish Govt. This legal reform has turned Spain into one of the hottest destinations for gambling in the entire European map and every year thousands of people come to enjoy the parties and the ambience inside casinos.

While you can find every legal form of betting in Spain, it still remains an unmatched contender when it comes to sports betting. This is in part with all the unconventional betting that includes Animal sports related betting as well. You can basically start out low and come out rich, such is the overall Gambling atmosphere in Spain.

Which inevitably brings us to the conclusion of this post.

Yes Europe is indeed a hot destination for gambling and getting rich and although it wasn’t possible to cover every single country in the EU legislation, the ones mentioned are probably where most people end up when they have gambling in mind during an European visit. Other notable places include the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and UK. So if you are on a European holiday and have cash to spare, don’t forget to check in these destinations.

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