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Five Digital Marketing Drivers That Will Transform Your Business

Digital marketing has been and continues to be a growing trend in the business world. This is for the obvious reason that it is an effective way to reach the humongous online demographic.

We are living in an era where the internet is practically in most people’s hands. It is the to-go-to place for information on anything they need or want. What this means for businesses is that digital marketing has never been more important. Moreover, it is not just that, it is creating content that ushers you in front of the online search results if these people are to find you. You also want to capture their attention so that they stay with you through their purchase decision-making process, and finally, give you the business.

For you to leverage the benefits of digital marketing, here are five drivers to capitalize on.

1. Reputation management

Gone are the days when a customer would tell just a few friends about a bad experience and it would die down almost immediately. Today, there are diverse platforms for people to share their displeasure with a brand. One bad trending topic about your business and it changes how people perceive your brand.

While it can be difficult to protect your brand image, there are some things that you can do to improve on the same. First, monitor what people are saying about your business on all relevant platforms. Second, have a response plan in place. Leverage the good comments and appreciate the writers. Most will repost such interactions with a brand, which will help more people know about you in a good light. When it comes to bad comments, handle them delicately and politely. With a wise approach, it is possible to overturn the situation and leave your reputation unscathed.

That being said, it is good to note that your brand reputation goes beyond customer experience. How you handle your employees is also a contributor to how people view you. Ensure that you are putting in efforts to be seen as a good employer brand offline and online. If you have expanded to other countries, the technicalities of managing employees in those countries increase the chances of messing up, so to speak. You need the help of a reputable PEO to manage those employees compliantly. If, for instance, you want to extend your presence to China, a PEO agency helps you hire and manage Chinese employees and build a good employer brand in that region.

2. SEO

As said earlier, having an online presence would mean nothing if the very people you are targeting can’t find you. In addition, it would be a waste of time and resources creating and maintaining a killer website, only for people to never visit. That is why a strong SEO strategy is necessary to place your website in online search results.

A good SEO strategy starts by researching the keywords that are most searched in an industry. Next is to incorporate those keywords in unique, engaging, and insightful posts that add value to your target customers. If you strongly feel like this is not part of your expertise, you can always hire reputable SEO services that can strategize your SEO and actionably implement it.

3. Social media optimization

No one would brag about having an online presence if he or she doesn’t have an account on social media. It is the same case when it comes to businesses. However, unlike individuals, businesses need to create an engaged following in these platforms if they are to leverage the numbers for business growth. They need to strategically connect with the target audience and at the same time point them to where they need to be-business pages.

Just like SEO, start by researching the hashtags, keywords, and topics that your target customers are interested in. Use these in creating social media posts so that people searching for information in your niche can be able to find you. In addition, ensure that you are sharing content that adds value to your customers. Thirdly, optimize your profile by using your company logo as your profile picture, use your brand name as the user name, and ensure that you state what you do clearly on the bio.

4. Digital experiential marketing

Experiential marketing has been known to bring in tremendous results as it engages the customers and allow them to interact directly with the products. The emotions it strikes remain in peoples’ minds for a very long time. In digital marketing, this kind of marketing combines live events with online aspects to promote the event. The advantage of digital experiential marketing is it creates a buzz about a brand before, during, and after the event. The hashtags, sharing, and re-sharing increases brand awareness as more and more people talk about it.

Think of a creative live event and create a hashtag to promote it online. For instance, a perfume company can sensitize people to post about their favorite fragrance. A sampling truck can then surprisingly show up in the location to give samples and other incentives. You can take pictures during the event and encourage people to post them using the hashtag. Don’t forget to take their data as you can leverage them for email marketing and promoting future events.

5. Lead magnets

People love free incentives, and even more when they are valuable to them. A lead magnet leverages a downloadable free incentive to collect your target customers’ contact information.

Start by identifying your customers’ pain points. Create a simple solution to inform them of something like an E-book or a short video to offer to them. Ensure that the customers leave their information before downloading the gift.


There is endless imagination when it comes to digital marketing. The secret is to identify the online platforms where your target customers frequent and seek to connect and engage with them. In addition, seek to provide the value in the information they seek in these platforms.

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