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Power of email newsletter in 2017 – do not underrate it

All business survives on building good relationships with customers and increasing the lead. And if you want to achieve a greater result in doing that, you should never underrate the power of email newsletter in this year 2017. Things are changing fast, and even though many businesses think that email newsletter is obsolete, the fact remains that it is not.

Consumers are hooked on social media there is no doubt about that. But for building a relationship, social media is obviously not the best channel.

Social media can be great for content sharing and brand discovery but unreliable when it comes to continually speaking to customers.

Below are the powers of newsletter and why you should consider investing in it this year.

1. Presents more opportunity for interaction

Emails can deliver more quality written content, thus presenting more opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers. Facebook can only allow you to display one post at a time, but you can send more than one stories at a time to your leads through email.

Huffington Post, for example, sends multiple emails to their subscribers on daily basis. With that, subscribers can read more than one stories at a time. But in social media platforms like Facebook, people can easily disengage with your brand, once they move into their social feed.

2. Have more control

No one understands the algorithm Facebook uses to rank contents, so senders don’t really have much control on this platform. Email newsletter allows you to have control and direct relationship with subscribers.

You have more control because there is no third party interfering with your contents. Building such relationships with subscribers is much more valuable than reaching out to them on social media. There is a high probability that the message you are sending out will get to them whenever you send it.

3. Drives ROI

Consumers may like a particular post on your Facebook page, but that will not translate into profits. Liking your page does not mean they will click those links embedded in the content or on your page. Profit comes when subscribers click to read as well as make a purchase. Your company will also earn money via ad impressions whenever subscribers open your email newsletter and click those links. This will help to boost your earnings.

4. Build better relationships

If you want to build a better relationship with your customers or subscribers, the email newsletter is the right medium. Facebook or social media platforms will only allow your consumers to see something once or twice and then they will move on to something else. But with the email newsletter, they can visit the content repeatedly, and this helps to build an ongoing relationship. There is also a high possibility that they will click links on your content, especially if the message is relevant to them. Clicking the links you attached on your email news letter will also generate additional revenue for your business.

5. Determine customer’s behavior

Retailers find it much easier to track personal preferences of their customers with email newsletter than on Facebook or other social media platforms. For instance, someone might see a picture of a pair of shoe posted on Facebook and click the “Like” button, but they actually do spend more on a handbag.

With an email newsletter, you can learn about what consumers prefer based on their browsing, clicks and purchasing behavior. This allows you to make drastic changes that would positivity affect sales because you know where to channel your energy to.

6. Keep The Relationship private

Consumers might not be satisfied with your service and leave a bad review on your Facebook page without you knowing on time. This can harm your business reputation before you even respond. But when you send out a newsletter to your subscribers, a subscriber who is displeased may not click through and will not leave a bad review that will spoil other people’s mind. In fact, the bad review or comment may even get to potential leads who may have an interest in doing business with you initially.

Though social media has its own benefits, if you really want to interact with subscribers at any time and grow your audience, then email newsletter is the best channel to use. We have highlighted the reasons why an email newsletter is a great option, now you know what to do to grow your business.

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