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New dashboard currently in beta testing *[UPDATE]* 25/08/12 – 09:55AM GMT

I am personally taking part in this public beta and im so far impressed with the new IE for xbox360 and also the “My Pins” customization

After giving the new IE a tryout i can already say its far more superior than the browser that comes on the PS3 system and will be easily taken grasps to as it is very similar to that of IE that comes with Windows8, I will be taking part in this beta till it finishes.

Unfortunately i cant give you more information than what i already have due to legal reasons but be sure to hear it all when its out of beta 😉

Below is the official log from which outlines a few of the newer features and shows the status of his LT+ 3.0 in accordance with this dash, i personally have had no issues so far but for a safe measure i flashed my drive back to stock when i did the update from Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) posted today that the 2012 Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta program is open for registration.

Users who register and are accepted into the program can expect updates to be pushed out to their enrolled console(s) that will include dashboard features such as:

Internet Explorer on Xbox
Personalized dashboard recommendations

Enhanced category search and discovery features
Pins to customize the Xbox dashboard
Other features may also become available during the program, and Microsoft notes that consoles in the program are expected to remain fully compatible with standard retail consoles not in the program (meaning you should still be able to play against others on Xbox LIVE whose consoles aren’t running the beta dash).It’s of course too early to know whether the beta updates or the final update will bring about any changes that affect the Xbox 360 DVD drives or c4eva’s cfw. However, once the beta updates start being pushed out, we’ll report here on c4evaSpeaks if there are any firmware-related effects after team member’s test boxes have been put through their paces.

*UPDATE* [2012-07-27 06:43PM UTC]
Registration is already closed. The first Beta program update has been pushed out to enrolled users, and brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel up to version 2.0.16091.0. Users have reported that backups still boot fine on LT+ v3.0 and xk3y also continues to work on LIVE. So far, there have been no reports of any adverse effects on c4eva’s iXtreme firmware.

*UPDATE* [2012-08-10 12:32PM UTC]
A second update has been pushed out to all users in the Public Beta program. This update brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel up to version 2.0.16113.0. LT+ & backups still work fine, as does xk3y. Here’s a compiled list of noteworthy changes:

Added Internet Explorer browser to Apps
Added “My Pins” panel
Added “Recent” panel
Added recommendation panels to Dashboard
Added ability to name console from settings
Added option to turn on SmartGlass
Added option to enable Play To
Dashboard tiles enlarged
Smaller background stage size
Combined TV and Video into TV & Movies
Authentication servers updated
Fixed USB bug when unplugged from console
Fixed black level problems in Xbox Video and Xbox Music
Fixed connectivity issues with some older model routers
Fixed network discoverability issues with some home wireless networks
Fixed issue with Rock Band and Guitar Hero wireless accessories that were broken in the last update
*UPDATE* [2012-08-21 03:08PM UTC]
A third update has just now been rolled-out to all those in the Public Beta program. This update brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel up to version 2.0.16133.0 (we rubbed our eyes too at first, but quickly realized it’s “133”, not “113” which was the previous update). c4eva’s iXtreme LT+ still working fine with backups, and xk3y also continues to function normally as well. This update’s changelog isn’t as hefty as the last, and centers primarily around bug fixes, performance improvements and features for Internet Explorer, namely the ability to customize Xbox Pins with one’s favorite websites. Microsoft has also integrated a third list type in the Web Hub to display featured websites, selected by MS and tailored for the user’s region.

*UPDATE* [2012-08-24 09:41AM UTC]
Microsoft has decided to expand the Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta Program by accepting a new round of users, according to email invitations sent out earlier today and yesterday. The Beta update, destined for final release this Fall, allows participants early access to several new features in advance of launch, including voice search, Internet Explorer for Xbox, improved category search and personalized recommendations.

“Due to the overwhelming demand for the Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta, we will be opening up the beta to additional users. The last beta filled up in a matter of hours so be one of the first to sign up for this public Xbox beta program and see what all the excitement is about!”

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