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How to Revamp Your Website for 2019

Getting a website these days is imperative not just for businesses but also for those who would like to build an online presence. This way, one can stay ahead of the competition, develop leads, and reach more audience. But having a website isn’t simple. It doesn’t end with merely creating a site, but one needs to maintain it and improve it according to current trends. Failure to do that is like throwing away all your investments.

If you want to keep your website updated, you don’t need to go over the internet to find the answer. In this post, we will give you tips on how to revamp your website to increase traffic and improve user experience.

1. Analyze your website traffic

Knowing what your audience like to read will help you a lot in identifying what to post to bring more readers to your site. Google Analytics will help you with this. You can monitor the geographic traffic sources, the most visited pages, the number of visitors per day, and others. You can even see what days you get more traffic to your site. If you use this as a guide, you will be able to improve your website’s traffic.

2. Get responsive

All website owners should be aware of this, but not all websites are responsive while others are poorly optimized. Responsive websites can adapt the content of its site in whatever device and screen size it is viewed. The website should also be easy to use on all types of devices. Nope, there is no need to make another website for mobile. But the existing website should be viewed on a mobile version without losing its usability. This is very important because a large percentage of users are on mobile.

3. Optimize your images

A slow website is very annoying. Visitors will immediately leave your site if it takes time before they see its content. One reason why a website is slow is the images. That is why it is important to optimize the images to reduce your site’s loading. When images are correctly optimized, a website can load faster, and it will give your visitors a better user experience.

4. Add a blog

Adding a blog on your website is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Look for keywords that will fit your website and let the blog posts bring traffic into your site. But you have to bear in mind that having a blog also means that you need to update it regularly. Adding blog posts at least once a week would be great. Helpful or informative blog posts can help grow your following and can build trust in the audience. All articles need to be original so that Google will not give you a negative ranking. This can be done in whatever niche. Even new online casinos add blogs to their website since it is an effective way to increase traffic.

5. Integrate social media

People these days are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. In fact, they use social media more than searching the web. Most of the information they get daily comes from social media. Hence, see to it that you have social media buttons on your site so that it is easier to share it with others. There’s also a big possibility that other users can see your website through the articles or information shared on social media.

6. Add Calls-to-Action

Placing call-to-action buttons could direct the website visitors on what they could do next.  Before adding CTAs, you have to make sure of what you really want for your site. Set your goal so it could be easier for you to decide what call-to-action button to add. Try to review your website, and if you think it lacks any call-to-action for a demo, a consultation, a signup button for your email newsletter, then it is time that you do something about it.

These are just the top six things that you need to do to improve your website. If you consider all of this, you will definitely see a huge difference in your site not just in traffic but also user experience. Once a website is user-friendly, and it offers what your target audience needs, it is possible that they will keep on going back to the site from time to time. Like a business, returning readers give a positive signal to Google. This means that you will have a better chance of getting a good ranking. The more the traffic, the higher the revenue.

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