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Top Freelancer Alternatives

Are you trying to find an alternative site that works just as good as Keep reading!

Like UpWork, Freelancer is a popular site for sending and receiving freelance work. However, some problems and changes occur on Freelancer that most businesses can’t handle. Fortunately, the growing freelancing industry has given birth to a multitude of freelancer alternatives. If you aren’t having success finding quality candidates on Freelancer, then here are some alternatives that you should consider.

Outsourcely is the easiest way to hire, find, and work with reliable freelancers located in over 132 countries around the world. Each freelancer on the site is looking for long-term sustainable relationships, meaning that they will help you complete your short-term projects at a reasonable price.

You can search for remote workers by posting a remote job or by skill. After that, you can connect with candidates via private chat, voice calling, email, or video calling. As a result, Outsourcely’s chat options makes it easy to hire new freelancers for your project.

One thing that makes Outsourcely different than the other freelancer alternatives is its ability to help employees look for long-term freelancers. While there are short-term projects on the platform, both parties can connect to the site and build a professional relationship.

Once you hire a freelancer on Outsourcely, you can manage them on the site’s Team Workplace Platform. This makes it easy for you to manage your in-house team and remote works all in one location.


Guru is another alternative that allows you to hire freelancers to help you complete your projects. In fact, they have a network of over 1.5 million freelancers to help with your creative, business, or technical projects that you have to complete.

You can select a freelancer based on their profile, which includes their portfolio, recommendations, and testimonials on the freelancer’s work.

Guru is a great platform for small to mid-sized businesses who need one part of a project complete (i.e. blog post, app, or a website).

You can shop for a guru (freelancer) based on their experience, reputation, and price. Some of the talents will outprice most small businesses, but you can find a good deal if you search around.


Witmart is a Chinese internet workplace and marketplace for non-physical products such as digital goods, services, and designs. They are one of the largest freelancer alternatives with around 7 million users.

The website creates a place for employers can list their jobs and providers can work on the jobs to receive payment. While Witmart is tailored for the global economy, most of their labor will come from freelancers in China.

Like other websites, you can create a job posting and have freelancers auction for it. This makes it easier for freelancers to bid for your job and help you select which one is the right fit. This is very useful if the task doesn’t lead to the success or failure of your business.


We believe that these freelancer alternatives are great for small businesses and large businesses alike. Not only do they give freelancers the platform to complete work, but it also gives businesses the ability to manage them efficiently. So try each of them out and see which one works the best for you!

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