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How to be a private detective: requirements, training, and career opportunities

The private detective profession is one of the most unknown. Little is known about these professionals, whose training has been improving over the years, their work is far from that of those professionals with raincoat and hat half-hidden behind a corner.

When talking about Cambodia private investigators in the memory of all are famous investigators are there, among many developed countries mainly in Cambodia, who with their investigations have managed to solve important cases. This work is still being done today by private investigators, whose profession is fully up-to-date for their contribution to bringing to light cases of corruption or different scandals in the country or to participate with their investigation in the detection of possible cases of fraud. A profession that, above all, following its appearance in the various media, is arousing more interest among many people who are thinking of becoming private investigators.

Currently, there are around 1,500 active private investigators in Cambodia. But is it such an exciting activity? The answer is yes, although the development of this profession has little to do with those characters from films and television series, according to a spokesman for the Professional Association of Private investigators of Cambodia (APDPE). Also, sometimes, they tend to confuse their work because they think they “spy”, when ” a detective does not spy, but investigates and does nothing that is outside the law, ” they clarify from the APDPE.

This profession is very different from others because each day is different and the activity of the professional may vary depending on the case you investigate, which implies that you have to do the research of a person by day and even at night to know their activity and movements but with great care not to be discovered; follow clues in the investigation that lead to another city or country or analyze computer hard drives for what, sometimes, the collaboration of other professionals may be required…. The time at which work begins is known, but I don’t always know when the day will end.

In its work, new technologies are key to, for example, taking photos as evidence of a factor record a video or communications equipment or audio devices, among others, although the devices used are not as sophisticated as in the movies, although they are used to work more instruments than the typical magnifying glass of private investigators most famous fiction. However, there is also a part of the work that is done in the office to serve customers.

And, although each case is different, it is possible to talk about a private detective’s functions common to any investigation he carries out such as obtaining and providing information and evidence on private behaviors and facts in the labor, family, commercial or social-economic field, among others; investigate crimes that can be prosecuted at the request of a party or on behalf of legitimate persons or watch at fairs, hotels, exhibitions … in large commercial areas and public places of great affluence.

Some activities in which there are some limits that the private detective cannot overcome, such as carrying out investigations on ex officio offenses – having to report the facts to the competent authority – or use personal or technical means for their investigations that violate the law to honor, personal or family privacy, the image itself or the secret of communications.

Training and skills

If someone considers being a private detective, it is best to have a vocation to practice a profession that, due to ignorance, is still very idealized. Spending hours of work waiting for a person to leave a house, travel even on weekends or work without schedules can be very tedious if you do not like the profession.

To work as a private detective you must have the title of Private Detective, which is obtained by passing the specific training in universities or centers authorized by the Central Unit of Private Security and recognized by the Ministry of Interior. The studies of the Title of Private Detective have a duration of three academic years and include a total of 200 credits. There are theoretical and practical subjects within different branches of knowledge, such as Law, Sociology, Medicine or Psychology.

Specialization and skills

After obtaining the title it is necessary to request the Professional Identity Card at, issued by the General Directorate of the Police, which must be renewed periodically. Also, the requirements of Article 10 of Private Security must be met and reports must be submitted each year on the activities carried out.

Although the private detective profession is regulated, it is not mandatory to enroll. Not all Autonomous Communities have Detective College. Some researchers prefer to work for an agency, while others exercise the profession independently.

To be a private investigator it is necessary to handle the new technologies, to take photos or record videos that are proof of the fact. Today, the use of smart devices and social networks makes the researcher’s job even easier, but they require greater specialization.

Also, the private detective must have a range of skills and abilities, such as observation, emotional stability, adaptability, physical endurance and knowledge of languages. In this profession, continuous training in subjects such as organized crime, financial risk prevention, graphology or documentation, among others, is recommended. As a differentiating element, studies with a Degree in Criminology can be completed.

Scope of action

Among the tasks most requested from private investigators are those related to corruption cases or those aimed at labor cases. It is increasingly common for employers to hire investigators to prove before a court that a worker is leaving a normal life incompatible with the declared ailments.

Another case in which citizens require a private detective has to do with family relationships. Investigators are increasingly in demand of people seeking to know what the spouse or children are doing, on suspicion of a lie or infidelity.

Finally, also banks and mutual they request the services of private investigators assiduously to confirm suspicions or to accredit judicially any situation that moves away from the one declared by the user.

Within the legality

The data protection law does not greatly affect private investigators, who enjoy certain exceptions against anyone. They are allowed, for example, to investigate a person without their consent, provided that the interest of the investigation is legitimized. Even so, the law marks that the rights of the investigated persons must be respected since the regulations make the difference between what is a legal and legitimate investigation and interference in the private framework of the investigated person.

In this sense, a private detective is allowed to record private conversations, provided he is one of the subjects of the conversation. Regarding the use of hidden video surveillance cameras, in the courts, its use is allowed, as long as it is justified within the scope of the investigation. On the other hand, recordings are not allowed in spaces designed to safeguard the privacy of citizens, such as a private home or a bathroom.

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