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Published on December 2nd, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Why is Private Cloud Services better than Public Cloud Services?

Whether you have a large scale or a small business, there is a lot of data that has to be managed and you have to store all the data somewhere.  Earlier, the records were kept in papers; but now you can go for cloud services. There are three types of cloud services: public, private, and a combination of these two known as a hybrid. Private cloud services are gaining a lot of popularity and thus in this article, we explored the reasons that make the private cloud services popular.


What is a private cloud? 

It is basically an internal cloud that is owned by a corporate. It is used only by a single business or any organization. Unlike a public cloud that only offers straight capacity, a private cloud offers an infrastructure that can be used within the business house. Private cloud services allow you to allocate computing resources and scale the entire system as per your needs.  It also has virtualization capabilities.

Advantages of private cloud services

  • Cost-effective: IT infrastructure could be very costly overhead and cloud services are one of the major parts of IT expenditure.  If you will compare the cost of private cloud services with the public ones you will find out that the former ones are much cheaper.
  • Efficiency:  One of the major benefits of hiring private cloud services is that it is hosted by a third-party data center that is hosted in a private environment. Or you also get to host it onsite. Therefore, it gives you much more control over your infrastructure and data.  If you need any changes you can intervene at any point in time.  IT departments in your office can easily use advanced analytics to prevent downtime.
  • Customization: The size of each organization is different and so are technical and business requirements and needs. Therefore, one size cannot fit all solutions. Your business requirements will depend on your industry objectives and your data amount. Private cloud services allow you to choose specific storage, networking characteristics, and infrastructure that meet your needs.
  • Security: Cyber-attacks are very common and small businesses are more prone to these attacks.  In public cloud services, your data is threatened and you are always in danger of a cyber-attack. But in the private cloud, the level of security and privacy is improved because you are using a shared domain. All the data is kept and managed in separate servers and no other company has access to it. Moreover, if you have onsite servers they are managed by your own IT team. Thus it also protects your physical threat.  Even if your server is located at a data center, your IT team can access the data through the secured network instead of using an unsecured internet connection that is used by you on daily basis. 
  • Compliance with laws: All the organizations, business houses – be it small or big – are required to comply with international and national policies and laws. If you have a private cloud you can deploy it as per the access control policies, you need to follow. Moreover, data privacy is one of the major concerns and has to be followed strictly by the companies.  In case any breach in data occurs it is very difficult to gain back access control in public cloud services. But in private cloud services, your privacy is secured.


So, in simple words, if you hire private cloud services you can manage your server easily. It is highly secured and provides much more flexibility to your IT structure and you can change its size as and when you need it. It will not let your data go under the wrong hands and the downtime of your business will also reduce.

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