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7 Ways You Can Make Facebook Videos Work Magic For Your Brand!

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, he wouldn’t have known it would be a revolution one day. Today’s internet is a lot like – what looks good, sells good. The most emerging content on the block is – video content, which is more like – if you have a story to tell, sell it. And that is why, videos are working so much better for the online businesses catering to online shopping these days. Plus, it’s fresh, raw and new – something people can trust upon. Now that Facebook has also introduced their own version of the concept, we know social video is here to stay.

Let’s take a look on how many different ways you can start using Facebook videos to create a more conversational and engaging content and audience:

What’s Cooking Behind The Scenes

People will always be interested in taking a good look on what’s cooking behind that business wall. People are curious to know what it is which makes your brand what it is. Especially if they are familiar with your products or services love shopping from you. This gives you an opportunity to break down the barriers between business and customer and show why you are what you are. What makes you stand out. It’s not about selling; it’s about sharing what makes you, you.

Products And Event Launches

Online businesses can organize and run a webinar easily, and you’ll never have to leave the platform with Live videos. Everything can now be done with Facebook’s tools. This also gives you an access to any kind of events you want to host or even the ones you are attending. You can also stream it from the booth, offer people a small incentive to invite, and you’ll have them in no time. This is an easier way for companies to reach out to their target audiences and build up their products to the maximum before releasing it for sale in the market.

Customer Interaction – Live Q&A, Testimonials, Feedback, Tutorials

What better way to sell products or services than a happy customer? You can also demonstrate how great your products or services are by live stream. You can even conduct Q&A sessions with your current or potential customers and clients. This gives them a chance to ask you questions about the products or services you provide. You can start creating your own channel of live tutorials for your given industry. Feedback is another thing you can have through Live streaming. It is also a great way of knowing the preferences of your potential customers and catering to them, too.

Sales Promotions

Have an upcoming sale or a discount spree in your online business? You need to promote the sales event and don’t have much time or resources? Or you are just running on low budget? A video or a live broadcast before the actual event is planned – can be a great way to build the required hype. There are all sorts of content that you can create which includes a behind-the-scenes look too – showing how the people were so busy in making this a huge hit.

You can even host multiple livestream sessions. These sessions can then be compiled up in your own Vlog – which describes your whole journey right from first day to the last one. You can also stream the event itself, so those unable to attend don’t miss out.


Influential figures, mentors, entrepreneurs, orators, masterminds in projects, authors – if you ever have the opportunity to be up close and personal with them – record them and save them. You can use apps like Skype to capture virtual meetings. Then, you can upload it to Facebook to share with your audience. You can also write a blog post describing more about the interviews informing your audience. A link to the blog post from your Facebook video can be embed with the video within your post.

Discussing Trending Topics

You can use Facebook videos where you are discussing current and trending issues with your team – people want to know what is your take on the current issues. This can generate a large base of potential customers. You can even invite guests for open forum discussions – one in the favour of it and another against it, for debates. Debates are effective because viewers are usually more inclined to take sides and share their own point of view.

There has been a current topic of discussion on – cockroaches in CCD. You can have the debate and tell people why it is always right to put customers above.

Being Creative – True Stories, Incidents, Experiments

Creativity always pay off. Brands today, are posting some really outrageous, crazy things with videos. This can really prompt viewers  to tune – in just out of sheer curiosity – giving the brands just the attention they need. You can also do a streaming session discussing with your team members about what are your goals, your passions and your story behind your venture. You can even roam around the office holding the camera, asking different people around what are they up to and how they think about a particular topic, their roles etc. Divide them into segments or post the whole thing. Brainstorm ideas for what you’d like to cover, then determine when each person will be available to record their video. If you can, record several interviews at once, so you always have video content ready to go.


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