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Be More Aware of Your Contacts’ Location with Connect

Social networks are, for many reasons, one of the greatest inventions of our time. Despite having some downsides, they allow us to keep in touch with our friends, family and even for getting to know new people. Still, among hundreds (and, sometimes, thousands) of friends, it can be quite hard to track (in a non-spooky way, of course) their location, which leads to users missing when a friend comes to town.

Connect, which has been previously mentioned here on TechnoFAQ, helps in this task. It is an app that puts all the contacts from the different social networks you have accounts on and conveniently places them in a world map, according to their location.

It was initially developed as a simple web app but, 3 years later, has just reached the Android operating system, after already being available for iOS. This launch on the Android platform occurs one year after Connect won the “Best Overall” prize in the 2014 LAUNCH Festival.

But reaching Android is not the only novelty brought by Connect, as with the new app version came new features, like chats, groups and location sharing.

Ryan Allis, CEO of Connect, commented at this launch: “The Connect we shipped in late 2012 was a simple web app. (…) The Connect we launched in early 2014 brought the best of our web app and more to iOS, including push and email notifications. They helped users know when, where, and for how long friends were nearby.”

Regarding Connect 2.0, he added that it furthers Connect’s mission: “It enables our users to ‘keep close’ with their friends when they can’t meet face-to-face, and coordinate when they can. The new features not only empower our purpose, they enable an ecosystem built on three pillars – people, location, and communication. Together, Connect’s ecosystem helps people maintain and deepen relationships over a lifetime.”

Be sure to check Connect’s new features by using the web service or the mobile app, available for Android and iOS.

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