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Two Tools to Handle Your Social Media Contacts

Social networks are great. They keep us close to people who are far away from us, and gives us the ability to know what others are doing. Of course that their exacerbated use can be bad but, in general, they do more good than harm. Social networks are also very useful to businesses and business people, as they can help clients closer.

Due to the high amount of people one usually connects with on social networks, there is a point from which it gets hard to keep track of all the contacts. Not only they become too much, it is hard to know from which social network they are from, which one is more used, and so on. In this article two tools will be mentioned that help in this problem, let’s look at them.


One way of dealing with your numerous social network accounts and their respective contacts is to merge them all together in a single place – that is exactly what Alternion does. Alternion combines the feed from several social networks and puts them in a single stream, to make it easier for you to keep up.

In addition, Alternation allows for contact aggregation, not only for your contacts but for your online presence as well. It allows users to post from its own app to the social network they desire, without the need of leaving the service to post a status update or change their profile photo.


Yet another option for users with presence on many social networks to improve the control over the contacts deriving from it is Connect, which brings all these services together so that users can access all the contacts from the different social networks in one place.

Connect displays nearby connections on a map, through the use of features like check-ins and geo-tagged posts. This service hides yet another interesting feature: the ability for users to be pinged when an out-of-town connection is in town, or if closer friends are near the user.

Connect is available for iOS and for Web use, with the Android app being developed as we speak.

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