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Published on September 21st, 2018 | by Guest


Why Are Hoverboards So Popular?

Hoverboards have been a popular kids toy for a few years now, but unless you have been studying this phenomenon, you might not understand why. Your kids would tell you, but they are too busy enjoying their fancy two-wheeled vehicle. That’s okay, we can give you the rundown on why these toys are still all the rage among kids.

However, many adults are also loving the fact that they can adventure on two wheels as well. So it isn’t just the kids. Hoverboards are a hot item across many age groups. But why? What is all of the fuss about? We have the answers.

1- They go pretty fast these days

Most hoverboards have speeds that range from 8 to 16 MPH. That might not seem very fast, but it is when you are essentially just standing there and letting a vehicle carry you. These speeds are fast enough that you can get hurt, so make sure that you always wear your helmet.

2- No gas needed

Hoverboards run on batteries, so you don’t need to gas them up at all. This is great for several reasons. It means that you don’t have to pay high gas prices to keep them powered up, but even better, it means that there is no pollution making the air dirty. A good hoverboard will give you a decent range with not a drop of gas.

3- You can play games on them with your friends

Sure, hoverboards are great for zipping around town, but did you know that you can also use them to play games with your friends? You can play games like tug of war, do synchronized dance routines, set up obstacle courses and much more. Hoverboard hide and seek is a fun one as is hoverboard knock-off where you try to knock each other off of your ride. And a race is always fun too.

4- Not everyone likes to skateboard

Hoverboards are a happy medium between skateboards and scooters. Not everyone likes skateboards or can get the hang of all of those skateboard tricks. So these vehicles are appealing to many people who just aren’t attracted to the other options on the market.

5- They are a great alternative to car travel

Hoverboards are about more than just having fun around the neighborhood. Users both young and old use hoverboards to commute back and forth to work, to go to the store and more. These vehicles are saving people money on gas and actually getting them to destinations faster since they can go places that a car can’t. These vehicles will really pay off when commuting in the city.

It all comes down to fun.

6- You get a lot of extras built-in

These days hoverboards come with some serious features. They come with Bluetooth speakers for your music, headlights, training features for new users, GPS and they even have kits that will turn your hoverboard into a go-kart. If that isn’t enough, many have extra features through apps. These features make riding your hoverboard even more fun. You can learn more about buying the best hoverboard from gadgetreview.

7- Because this is cutting edge technology

Another reason for the continued popularity of hoverboards is that people love the latest technology. And these toys certainly are cutting edge, with all of the latest sensors, gyroscopes and computer systems. If you have a love of technology, it’s hard to pass the hoverboard by.

8- Because of Youtube

Youtube is another reason that hoverboards are big. Just search their site and you can find all kinds of cool hoverboard videos. Everything from synchronized hoverboard dancing, to users playing games and more. One of my favorites is watching people do things like yard work and housework while on their high tech toy.

These are just a few reasons why hoverboards are a popular choice right now. But the most important reason is that they are fun. And that is all that matters at the end of the day.


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