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The top 11 countries where sports betting is popular

Gambling has been in great demand around the world since the 11th century. Since then, many forms of gambling have been invented, among which are sports betting. Since the beginning of this century, online sports betting has gained great popularity around the world. The competition between local and international bookmakers is actively growing.

Many countries have adopted sports betting in their jurisdiction. Of course, there are also countries in which sports betting is prohibited. Such restrictions mean that there will be few international bookmakers and poor popularity of sports betting among people. Therefore, restrictions or legalization of sports betting affects whether activity in the country will be popular or not.

11 countries where people like to bet sports

We bring to your attention to some countries where sports betting is common. Among a large number of such countries, we highlight 11:

  • China;
  • United Kingdom;
  • India;
  • Australia and New Zealand;
  • Canada;
  • Nigeria;
  • Mexico;
  • Singapore;
  • Italy;
  • Kenya;
  • Spain.

Consider each country in detail.


China, including Hong Kong and Macau, is among the top five countries where sports fans have a lot of fans. Gambling in casinos is prohibited in this country, but authorities allow sports betting and other gambles. Sports betting attracts a huge number of Chinese players.

There are many bookmakers and casinos in Hong Kong. They bring huge amounts of money to the treasury. Gambling is controlled by Jockey Club companies.

United Kingdom

Sports and excitement are a major part of the life of most Britons. They entered the culture so firmly that it is difficult to imagine England without stakes. They love original bets here, so local bookmakers earn millions of dollars.

The high popularity of sports betting is explained by the love of residents for the football match. The Premier League’s most significant football sports action takes place in the UK and has a huge fan base. Due to a large number of local players, most British sports betting sites in the world operate in the UK like

Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

Many Australians make sports bets. The betting industry has no limits since the only restriction is the ban on how bookmakers broadcast their advertisements. Australians place bets in sports halls (online sports betting sites). In addition to local experience, Australian betting companies have also expanded their presence in other countries. In New Zealand, the local SkyCity casino is actively attracting investors by placing shares.

Canadians love different types of gambling: lotteries, betting, card games, and more. The government is trying to control the gambling business by closing online casinos. It also publishes social advertising points in the fight against gaming, but 75% of residents continue to play.

India, Kenya, and Nigeria

In India, the introduction of online gambling has led to its boom. Hindus are attracted by many betting websites india who are becoming more popular. However, sports betting throughout India are prohibited by law. Therefore, the legality of sports betting in India depends on the laws of a particular region.

Gambling has been legalized in Kenya since 1966. Now the government has introduced inflexible directives for online gambling. Most Kenyans prefer online sports betting.

Nigerians have been betting on sports for only a decade. The National Lottery Regulation Commission in 2005 legalized sports betting. Nigeria does not limit sports betting, and a large number of online and retail sports bookmakers have appeared on the market.

Mexico and Singapore

Mexico has minimum restrictions on sports betting. However, here players under the age of 18 cannot bet on sports. Players in Mexico can bet on their favorite games.

Singapore in terms of gaming infrastructure is second only to Macau and Las Vegas. There are many legal casinos. They are designed for tourists, and locals need to pay the entrance fee.

Italy and Spain

In Italy, half of the gambling revenue in the country comes from electric slot machines. Italians are obsessed with football, so they are actively betting on their clubs. Italy is also “famous” for match-fixing.

The Spaniards passionately support their favorite teams, so they risk their savings without any problems. Gambling in Spain is legal, so the state, receiving a 20% gain in taxes, is not going to ban millions of hobbies.

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