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4 Online Communication Tips to Delight Your Customers

Everyone in the world is connected, especially in terms of being able to purchase products, send and receive mail, look for companions, and virtually everything else under the sun.

Practically most of our lives are plastered online, giving brands an opportunity to interact with us online almost the same way they would in a supermarket or a brick and mortar establishment.

Our feedback and reviews are also coursed online. For example, if we eat something delicious, we snap a photo and upload it to Instagram; if we encounter a rude concierge (god forbid!), we tweet out a rant.

It’s no wonder consumers are so dependent on online channels for interaction. A study showed that 40% of customers sought for better customer service contact online.

…which means that at least 40% of the market feels underserved.

How do we close this gap? Has your brand stayed mum online?

Maybe you should consider making your presence felt online, of course, with these precautions in mind.

Always be available

It’s easy creating online channels to build brand awareness. All it takes is a quick “Create My Account” on social media or anywhere else.

The real challenge lies in actually being online and staying online to engage and interact with customers.

To wit, 17% of customers feel that quicker responses to inquiries help improve a brand. Moreover, having an online channel (e.g. chatbots or VAs) that people can talk to helps you identify common customer pain points.

But that’s easier said than done.

The best way to go about this is to identify what you can and can’t do–and be realistic about it. You can explicitly set a window in which you can respond to queries in real-time–say, during work hours–and course all other queries beyond said window through email and other similar channels.

If you want to kick it up a notch, consider a digital receptionist like where you can automate appointments and other secretarial tasks. The Internet can be a tricky place to navigate and any additional tools can and will help.

As a rule of thumb, never be too timid to explore digital options. Or anything else for that matter.

Manage your image

Perception shapes reality in life as in business.

Curate your content to fit your target market. Post regular and relevant subjects connected to your brand. Imbibe an advocacy that drives your product. Think of your business like a celebrity with a reputation to manage.

How people see your brand will ultimately shape their behavior and buying decisions.

Research shows that 89% of consumers believe that both negative and positive customer feedback can refine products and service. So, as any normal person would, listen to what people have to say about your brand and use their feedback to improve.

Don’t just bump up the good and ignore the bad. Good communication means having the guts to recognize your faults and taking the necessary steps to improve on them.

Make your channels mobile-friendly

The vast reaches of the Internet are now at our fingertips. Today, everyone in the modern world owns a smart phone, tablet, GPS, or even a smart watch.

Reach your customers where they are by going mobile.

Need help with mobile friendliness?

Look for conversion tools and tutorials to boost the mobile capabilities of your online channels.

You can also help your users by adding navigational tools and visitor badges. That way, everything your customers need will be within reach.

Think of these tools like a 24/7 digital receptionist (that doesn’t ask for overtime pay and bonuses). That makes for a better experience for your customer and a major convenience for you.

Talk about effective communication!

Send out surveys

If you only carry out surveys twice a year, quarterly, or even monthly, then you’re not doing it enough.

It is a common myth that surveys need to be conducted within a predetermined timeframe.

The truth is: you need real-time feedback as frequently as possible.

There are a lot of survey templates out there but, as a rule of thumb, the shorter the better.

People spend hours on their phones, but they usually bounce from one site to another. Minimize survey length to maximize consumer attention. Always, communication should be brief but effective.

The online world is like a real-life market, only infinitely larger and vastly more competitive. But the same principles ring through: the best communicators always win out.

Master communications and you’ll master your customers.

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