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Why You Should Have Amazon Prime

Amazon is a company that started as an online book store in 1994 and has massively grown since then, providing you with literally anything. There’s not much that you cannot buy from Amazon. Books, videos, outdoor rocking chairs or novelty sausage roll fancy dress costumes.

Amazon Prime is their membership program that gives you access to a boatload of benefits for $12.99 (this could be different in your country, so check out their website for more information).

Is Amazon Prime worth the money? Let’s go through some of the benefits available and find out.

Fast Delivery

With your membership, you unlock the benefit of faster delivery. This could be same day delivery or next-day depending on which fast courier service is being used. Companies like this could be used to make sure that your order gets to you extra fast.

Prime Video

Your Amazon Prime membership will give you instant access to thousands of movies and tv series. You get exclusives such as “The Boys”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “The Grand Tour.” All of this can be watched on a SMART TV that has the Prime video app, on your computer or any device that is compatible.

Amazon Music

Similar to Apple Music, Prime gives you access to over 1 million songs that you can stream via the Amazon Music app. There are also music stations and playlists where you can listen to new music or good old classics.

Prime Reading

To go alongside the music and video, and going back to their roots, you also have access to Prime Reading. This gives you access to not only books but magazines and comics. These can easily be accessed via a Kindle or Fire tablet, or you could use the free Kindle app on iOS and Android.

Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy allows you to compare prices of drugs and order it straight from Amazon or a local pharmacy. The service offers easy refills, discreet packaging, and helps you skip queueing.

Amazon Day

Amazon day was introduced in 2017. It is an “exclusive delivery programme for Prime members” which allows you to set a certain day for your Amazon deliveries. What this means is, for example, if you work from home on a Tuesday, any items that you order will be saved up and packaged together to be delivered by their fast courier service on the day that you choose.

Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a service for packages that don’t fit through a letterbox. If you have a big package and you are not in, ideally you want it put somewhere safe. What Amazon Key does, depending on if you have a smart garage hub, is it lets the courier gain one-time access to your garage so packages can be left in a safe place.

Now that you know what benefits you get with Amazon Prime, is it something that you want? Are you not interested in fast courier service, watching some of the latest movies or TV series that are only available on Amazon Video or free music and books. The same-day delivery is worth the price alone but everything else makes getting a membership difficult to say no.

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